WSJ House of the Day II


FLW's 1939 Sondern-Adler house in Kansas City, Mo. is on the market for $1.65 million. The 60 year old owner is looking for a less maintenance-intensive house. 

Feb 27, 19 7:27 pm

das Frank Lloyd Wright

Feb 27, 19 8:41 pm

No way!

That multi-color brick seems odd for FLW, no?

Feb 27, 19 9:27 pm

I agree. Probably built by the owner with little supervision from Wright.


Jack Howe supervised the building

FLW loved texture, and the pattern runs through the interior. 

What a sweet house. Here in Paradise all you can buy for that price is a ratty 1200 SF 60's ranch on a small lot.

Feb 27, 19 9:51 pm

Wow, I love that house. The brick porch (I imagine that's the rear), filling the space in square around the L-shaped house, I just love it. And at the far bottom of the porch, the wood that meets the bricks, what's up with that? I don't know, but it all looks awesome. And the red color of the house in and out, I love it. But unfortunately, even with my higher-than-the-typical-architect money, at $1.65, I'm afraid to say, it will never be in my possession. It all looks so great, if it weren't for how it sits in such an elitist sauna.

Feb 27, 19 10:40 pm

Like many masterpieces before it, the Sondern-Adler house is headed to auction. FLW fans can see updated pictures and even register to bid at

Jul 9, 19 1:48 pm
Non Sequitur

I'll give ya 3 crumpled up yankee dollars for it.


are we getting paid to move to kansas city? didn't think can keep it, thanks

Chad Miller

So like $2.28 worth of maple syrup?

Non Sequitur

leave my syrup alone.


shows well on craigslist. nice price.


Jul 12, 19 12:12 am

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