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This thing is on Long Island Sound in Westport, CT. It is available for $12 million. It was owned by a real estate developer who has gone to his just reward.

Feb 19, 19 1:53 pm

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Non Sequitur

It's ok, I guess, but I prefer more window variety.  Easy pass. 

Feb 19, 19 2:36 pm

Looks like someone looked at a chart of roof profiles and said, "Yep, I'll take one of each."

Feb 19, 19 2:55 pm

That thing makes me want to barf but Volunteer I would love it if you actually did post a WSJ House of the Day every day!! That could be a fun ongoing critique.

Feb 19, 19 7:00 pm

Donna, will do. They actually change the 'house of the day' every three or four days. Many of the houses, whether classical or modern, are quite good, but the prices always seem to be up there in dog-whistle territory. On Fridays the WSJ always has a separate real estate section with articles on different houses and renovations from around the world.


What the hell are the roof shingles?

Feb 19, 19 7:01 pm
Non Sequitur

2-ply mod bit with custom shag cap sheet.



Yeah looks like some sort of green roof, to me ?

Non Sequitur

maybe I’m just slow today but what does wsj stand for?

Feb 19, 19 7:05 pm

Way Shitty Journalism


We Suckatour Jobs


We Supply Jingoism


Wall Street Journal, ya noob.

Non Sequitur

thanks, I assumed it was something along the lines of "wanna see jesus?"


That would be great if it meant that.

Sounds like something you say at the beginning of a bar fight. "Wanna see Jesus?"

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Wasn't this featured on McMansion Hell?

Feb 19, 19 7:36 pm

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