Masters in Germany


Hello everyone!

Im planning on having my master degree in Germany.  I've been looking for several programs, which includes: the programs of TU Berlin, Hochschule Anhalt, Hochschule Neubranderburg, Hafencity, Uni Hannover, Bauhaus universitat Weimar, Hochschule Wismar. etc

I've been looking for programs that doesn't have an elevated fee, or that are totally free and also that they are in English. 

Does anyone have applied to one of these programs? And have any recommendations? Or do you have any other suggestions?


Feb 13, 19 5:30 pm

I'm going to apply to two of them haha

And also, which programs are those of Hannover, Weimar and Neubrandenburg?

Feb 14, 19 9:07 am

Which ones? In Weimar there is this one about urban resilience.


actually three of them haha, TU Berlin, Wismar and Dessau, I want to focus in building design


I know that TU Berlin offers their programs in english as well. Fees in Germany are usually very low, depending on the school. Its gonna be smth between 280 - 500 Euros per semester. TU Berlin is I think around 300 Euros per semester. 90% of that fee is for the public transport ticket which you will want to have either way to go all around the city without getting an extra ticket. I don’t think there is schools without such a fee. 

Feb 15, 19 2:11 pm

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