Architecture to UX Design


I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in architecture and around 4 years of work experience, and I'm considering a career change to UX Design for a variety of different reasons. I keep running into articles like this and this outlining the stories of former architects that moved into that field.

I get that most folks reading this post are probably still working within the architecture field, but maybe not. Does anyone out there have thoughts about making a career switch like this and how to leverage an architecture background to get started?

Feb 11, 19 1:43 pm

Easy career change. You should already be strong in general design processes and have an understanding/empathy for human focused design. It's really just a matter of gaining the necessary technical knowledge. 

With that said you are better off asking these questions in a UI/UX or even general web design/development community. Not from the idiots that frequent this forum.

Feb 11, 19 8:59 pm

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