Plan B


If the thought of staring at a computer screen for decades makes you ill maybe try this.

Feb 9, 19 7:42 am

That place looks pretty great.

But at this point, I'm working on Plan F.

Feb 10, 19 8:51 pm

I want to figure out a way to use the skills I have to help people and the planet.  

Feb 10, 19 11:03 pm

A 4 year degree instead of trade school or as apprenticeship, seems reasonable. 

Feb 11, 19 9:29 am

Fire sprinkler, elevator tech., HVAC, welder, those are your middle class lifestyles with a blue collar job.

Feb 11, 19 9:34 am

For the creatives certain trades do well too: blacksmith who does ornamental building elements, a master stone mason (cut stone), and millwork guys. Basically, high end crafted elements made by hand command premium prices, so those specialty "master craftsman" types are paid quite well for their expertise and custom pieces. But... their market is limited; people think it's cool stuff, but it is hard to get them to pay for it....


Contraceptive pills?

Feb 11, 19 10:39 am

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