Ok you trolls! Here's why you're able to survive on archinect

There was a post that in the forum that came up a while ago about removing anonymous posting in archinect, so we decided to ask Paul his thoughts (at 1:11:30) during our interview with Paul Petrunia Founder of Archinect.

Feb 5, 19 12:24 pm
Non Sequitur

Cool, got a transcript?

I've messaged Paul before using my real ID... so I'm not anonymous to him if that matters. Besides that, the only other person that called for non-anonymous users was DC and that was only so he could send us legal paperwork.


Feb 5, 19 12:32 pm

Best part of podcast was story on how DC got banned. It was like a Bob Ross painting! Happy accident!


Didn't listen (yet) but I think it's the other way around. I think it's thanks to us anonymous "trolls" that archinect is able to survive :-P

Feb 5, 19 3:48 pm

Pimpin' architecture!

Paul sounds great in interview setting! Confident, well spoken, and charming. If he learned how to smile he could run for POTUS in 2020. 

Feb 5, 19 5:34 pm

I don’t only troll online...I rooted for the patriots only to annoy my entire family rooting for rams.  I don’t even watch football.  I’ve played a super sjw on fb to annoy other friends and family.  I’m most happy when everyone wants to kill me :)

Feb 5, 19 7:18 pm

Thing is, nowadays you can’t really have free speech without anonymity. Employers, clients, etc will read a snip of what you write and hold it against you without bothering to understand context or deeper intent.


True, there are too many idiots around who either simply don't understand the argument or who don't understand boundaries and will rather destroy someone's life than admit they might have a point. It is all way too polarised, the moment one disagrees it is immediately 'fake news'...


You can't have free speech *without consequences* without anonymity. Which is a very different principle to argue.

tduds: Nail on the head. I'm not anonymous, and I've paid for it, and I've learned from it, and I still choose to be non-anonymous.


It’s also writing in text for all to see. VS. you used to just be talking to those around you and it was hearsay.


You can’t have truly productive communication and debate without anonymity these days. Thinking requires the presentation of imperfect ideas. This political climate is making everyone into politicians that are expected to have all the answers and a perfectly unbending set of beliefs. That’s the antithesis of intellectualism. Truth seeking requires testing ideas, making mistakes, debate, making uncomfortable points, shedding bad ideas, changing ones mind from time to time, holding onto ideas that cannot be logically undone. Our current society punishes this. Even in academia. We are all politicians now. The internet is that last place where this can happen more of less. “consequences” for “thought crimes” are unfairly weighted against those who lack the privilege of not having to suffer undue financial or professional harm. The owner class for instance has less to lose than the employee class in some scenarios or Vic’s versa. Anonymity allows for an equality of speech, and a platform for truth seeking without the burden of political perfection, by removing consequences imposed by those in positions of power.


In real life, it’s fine to have imperfect speech with people you know. The problem is, the people who read things on internet don’t know you personally and take things out of context. I’ve never used the internet to promote myself, I use it as sandbox to play with ideas and others playing with ideas. Imo, that’s its most fruitful use.


It is easier to be non-anonymous when expressing opinions and views that are not threatening the status quo and are considered safe and politically correct, so yeah anonymous it is for now :-)

Non Sequitur

Started listening to it... now 2 commute's worth of time in and I'm 75% through... damn it's a long podcast.  I prefer mine to be equal to or less than my one-way commute time. Are all your podcasts 90min+ ?

Good discussion regardless of my comment on the length.  Makes me think I should have invested time in a profile much earlier (early to mid 00s) back when I was but a clueless student forum lurker and admirer of pretty pictures.

Paul, what's the pattern on that collard shirt in the promo pic? 

Feb 6, 19 8:41 am

Just some people chilling

Non Sequitur

Great stuff.


I like the part about Idiocracy being a little too close to current reality.

Feb 6, 19 9:19 am

I'm just about to listen and will take this moment to rep two things: 

1. I always enjoy Midnight Charette, so if you guys like this one listen to their other episodes, too.

2. The Sessions we recorded already this week is FIRE!!!!! I can't wait for it to go live.

Feb 6, 19 12:03 pm
Non Sequitur

I like fire.


i like adults who speak like adults

Non Sequitur

being an adult is overrated.


I like adults who speak like kids.


I constantly say “lit” when my kids friends are around to embarrass


When he was younger I created a fake Minecraft account and blew all his friends houses up with Minecraft tnt. My screen name was awesomo bin laden. They think it’s the funniest shit to this day. Yes, I still act like a 10yo.


That's the kind of dad I aspire to be.

liberty bell

Oh god jla-x I have to admit that Minecraft thing is hilarious!


The perks of parenting :)

Thx Donna!!!


when old people say "rep" and "is fire"

Feb 6, 19 5:54 pm
liberty bell

LOL I know, places! I’m so self conscious of it every time but I also can’t fight twitter-speak colonizing my lexicon.


I've dis covered recently I really dislike the use of historical present tense.


you actually can fight it, twitter doesn't have any authority over you


I get made fun of for using punctuation in text messages. :(

Yeah... stick with phrases like "off the hook," and "word up" to self-historicize.

I have no idea wtf you guys are talking about.


liberty bell

What’s funny is I started to say, as an homage to Archinect‘s original tagline and because the podcast is about the founding and history of Archinect, that I had two items I wanted to *pimp* . But I don’t use that word in that way any longer, nor does Archinect of course.


That scene from 30 Rock is so hilariously awesome. (That's right, I said awesome.) Buscemi is so old and creepy, and so meticulously nonchalant. But by far the best detail is that, to nail the disguise, he's carrying a second skateboard.  (Watch it.)

Honestly, listen to the whole interview. People often get offended and talk about how their free speech is being impinged when they get blocked or comments are removed or whatever here on the Forum the interview you can hear Paul talk about what a careful line it is that Archinect treads to allow for as much freedom of expression as possible.

I mean, my slams on DSR for demolishing the Folk Art Museum are probably ban-worthy, but I'm glad I can say my piece!

Feb 6, 19 10:11 pm

no one cares


I care

Non Sequitur

If donna’s DSR comments are ban worthy, then i probably should not have lasted more than 8mins.


Likewise. I don't agree with much of what Donna says, but she's a good sport and koodos to archinect for allowing free speech.

The truth is always on the verge of being banned by those who decide what "truth" is.


and opinions on design from elderly people who work at Rowland Design in Indianapolis are always on the verge of being absolutely irrelevant


place, don't worry, youth is an illness that cures itself.


fortunately so are old age and the inability to adapt

I'm being dragged both for being old and for talking as if I'm not. God, I love the internet!! :-)


you’re being “dragged” (again, nice use of millennial-speak) because you’re pretending a) that you’re not old and b) that you have anything relevant to contribute to architectural discourse because c) you seem to be proud of doing terrible, embarrassing work and shilling for purse companies


Jesus, dude.

@placebeyondthesplines_ you're embarrassing yourself. Look at your comment history. All it is is vicious attacks. It's not a sign of intelligence, experience or sophistication. It's a sign of deep insecurity, self-loathing and pain. You should listen to this podcast interview. I talk about you, specifically, and how we need to understand that people with your type of commenting behavior come from a place of hurt. Your persistence on this forum makes it clear that you're seeking community, and want to be here, but I really wish you would take a proactive approach to find peace with yourself rather than self-medicating by attempting to project your pain onto others.


Damn, I thought Paul was talking about me. I know I'm an a--hole.

Non Sequitur

Paul, I don’t think anyone doubted who you were referring to.


I'm still curious what Brad Pitt's username is.


Tyler Durden

this thread got "real" :o

I just used "dragged" on Twitter again, in reference to Arup. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ageism, classic,


Thank goodness she isn't Dutch too, that'd be really something


i like adults who speak like adults

Self-loathing, then?

Feb 7, 19 4:38 pm

one thing I’ve realized in this whole anonymous discussion is that it’s ok to troll and be argumentative with other anonymous people, but should treat non-anonymous people differently.  I understand now that we are playing different games, with different rules.   I will try to treat the non-anonymous folks with more care as they have more at stake than pure debate for the sake of debate.


Feb 7, 19 7:53 pm

I find it much more enjoyable, in the long run, to not hit "post comment" when I have written some nasty-gram of a comment.  For me it is less stressful to just state an honest opinion and to give out information I might have. I don't need to cause or receive any more drama in my life, a quote from a movie I like "sell crazy someplace else we're all stoked up here" holds true for my life.

Berating people for asking for help in their studies as being lazy or when we belittle a novice who is looking for advice to help steer themselves away from a potential mess/disaster is sad and it takes too much energy too much time for no tangible benefit for myself or others.  I hope we get more folks who are here to help the community be and do better. I am always eager to help build things than to burn them down.

Over and OUT

Peter N  

Feb 7, 19 7:54 pm

hehe... I just wrote a long response and deleted it, and re-edited. Anonymous handle folks do this too. And it wasn't even nasty... just personal stuff like how in some ways, my online handle is more "me" than the higher polished 'google' version of my real name... Basically, Mightyaa can say things without a ton of forethought towards who might run across it in a google search of my real name. Like I don't want a prospective client, coworkers, employers, or 'the other side' digging up raw hurt posts from when my marriage was falling apart or the chaos/abuses in my personal life... That is a 'compartmentalization' I keep seperate from my professional life. While it is all "me", 'who I am' is actually better represented by Mightyaa than the filtered version of my real name and the manipulated perception that would be readily found by others searching under my real name. Control the information and you control possible perceptions... So my real name tends to showcase the best of me rather than the full version Mightyaa gives you...

Non Sequitur

I always assumed the "mighty" part was a direct reference to the super-hero style cape you wear on a daily basis.


I associate the blue usernames here with Linkedin blue :)


Very good point, Peter. I find it sort of therapeutic to write the barbs that would surely wither the offender (quite possibly scarring them for life, he imagined)... and then deleting the poison without posting it. It makes for a (slightly) better world, and a (much) better me.

Wood Guy

This is the only forum where I don't use my real name, and it's only because it's searchable by non-members. Not that anyone here cares, but I post enough links with my real name at the other end that I'm not really anonymous. I don't treat others here any differently than I do when using my real name, and don't understand why people turn into jerks when wearing a "mask." But to each their own, I suppose.

I've rarely had people who use their real names be aggressive hostile. The shield of anonymity seems to facilitate this behavior. Out of 7 blocked only 1 used his real name (DC).


i'm just here for the snark.

Feb 7, 19 10:10 pm

The banter here reminds me of studio. A bunch of different people all thinking outoud, some with more thoughtful contributions than others, many clearly just entertaining themselves. I like it. 

If we had to use our own names it would have to be in disappearing type. 

Feb 8, 19 10:15 am

Also, to show that I listened all the way through to the end: Paul, you drive a Tesla?! I never knew. My boss drives a Tesla. The interior styling is fantastic.

Feb 8, 19 11:28 am

Ah! We were supposed to ask him about it during the sessions interview and i forgot!

Paul Petrunia

My 3rd baby.


congrats on your 3rd baby, Paul.

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