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In today's architecture green buildings becoming more popular.  Like Bosco Verticale in Italy  ( ) 

Once our lecturer said that plants are harmful for buildings. Their roots could harm building's structural system ( he means it could break concrete so that  base of the building could be get weaken ). My question is how buildings that are in touch with plants are can be protected ? ( structural system, walls, etc. ) How do they prevent that ?

Jan 31, 19 12:15 pm

Jan 31, 19 12:45 pm  · 

This is the most literal interpretation of green architecture. It's covered in lettuce stuffs! 

In modern sense of green building, the only part that is made out of green stuffs and that serves a purpose would be a green roof that controls for water runoff. Rest of landscape is cosmetic. 

To answer your question in technical sense, you use a root barrier membrane just like you would use an air barrier or roofing membrane in any conditions where roots could impact adjacent construction. 

But first step is to learn what green architecture means. 

Jan 31, 19 1:06 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Kale is more modern

Jan 31, 19 1:39 pm  · 

*insert an avocado toast joke vaguely applied to trowel applied systems used in architecture.

Jan 31, 19 2:40 pm  · 

Hey Rusty, I think its been brought up before here, but what about applications for vines/crawling plants on facades, etc? I'd assume there must be some kind of damage-factor for any brick facades being slowly pulled apart if those regal vines (a-la old college campuses), is there other methods for mitigating those effects?

(Also, yes - still just costmetic 'green' building, but i'm still curious)

Jan 31, 19 2:43 pm  · 

​Run vines on your masonry buildings all you want as long as they are not subject to freeze thaw cycles. Joint mortars are either really strong and inflexible, or opposite of that. Neither is ideal. This is the weak point that roots go through. I am more interested in seeing how vines behave long term on rainscreen ventilated modern cladding systems. It may take 20 more years to find out.

Jan 31, 19 2:49 pm  · 

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