interested in studying architecture or design but i'm 28 years old

i'm very interested in studying architecture or design but i'm 28 years old. i live in philadelphia and i'm new to the country. i feel i'm a little advanced in age to enter work on something related to architecture either because of the field of work and the age of the people i could compete with. the other thing i'm wondering is if i will have to look for an adult university and if it opens in my state. I've been taking online courses on architecture and design for some time and I'm pretty sure of my creative skills. I never studied on my own or worked alone. what can I do?

Jan 23, 19 10:55 pm

You're in Philadelphia.  I'd check out the two options from Drexel and see if either work for you.

Jan 24, 19 9:53 am

not too old, especially in the public schools in the us as a lot of folks do a tour in the army then use the GI bill to get their first degree.  Too old is maybe 85-90  you should be fine.  Also your experience abroad is an asset not a hindrance so play it up to the places you chose to apply to.

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Peter N

Jan 24, 19 9:58 am

Look before you leap. There are a number of relavent threads here about making this career choice.

Jan 24, 19 10:29 am

thank you for the little tips and for encouraging me to follow my wishes

Jan 25, 19 12:00 pm

I went to Architecture school at 24, graduated at 27, and had classmates older than I am. The benefit you have is perspective. Also you hopefully have your priorities straight, which might help you avoid some of the pitfalls of Architecture.

Jan 25, 19 12:15 pm

Do a LOT of research before you part with one dollar or incur any debt. A lot of states do not require any formal schooling, just experience in a firm. Go to the NCARB website and see which state requires what in terms of formal education.

Jan 25, 19 12:42 pm

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