In reading about the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where the world's super elite meet each year at this time to figure out how to squeeze the middle class even further and solidify their positions over us I was struck by the difference in architecture between Davos and its neighbor, Klosters, up the road a bit. Davos seems pretty much composed of modern architecture with an occasional nod to a modernized chalet architecture. Lots of barren concrete there that seems a first cousin to the Brutalists. Absent snow cover some have called the place ugly as sin. Klosters seems more historical and localized in context and materials. Not that I could afford to vacay in either place....

Jan 21, 19 8:38 am
Non Sequitur

Never heard of this.  Sounds like a decent Bond movie from the mid 90s.  Is Pierce still available?

Jan 21, 19 8:50 am

Maybe. In a twist you could have Sean Connery play the evil banking genius. Wonderful location for helicopters crashing into the mountains and snowmobile chase scenes. Apparently you could blow up a few of the Davos buildings and the townspeople would cheer.

Non Sequitur

I'm setting up a kick-starter campaign right away.

( o Y o )

An ideal target for carpet bombing. 

But only during the economic conference when the masters of the universe are planning out the next year.

Jan 21, 19 9:58 am

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