How much tax I need to pay


I am going to buy a property worth 60 Lacks. I would like to know how much tax I have to pay during the registration process and how can I reduce that?

Jan 21, 19 4:31 am


Jan 21, 19 5:25 am
Non Sequitur

just don’t pay taxes. Problem solved. 

Jan 21, 19 5:46 am

I really want to say bribe the tax official but I worry this guy is actually taking the advice he is given here.

Jan 21, 19 8:53 am
Non Sequitur

So, a quick google search tells me 60 Lakhs is equal to 85K USD.  If the OP has that kind of coin laying around, surely they can hire someone to figure out how much tax they owe.

Jan 21, 19 8:58 am
( o Y o )

Bribe the tax collector for 1/4 the tax amount.

Jan 21, 19 9:54 am
First you need to convert your lakhs into bitcoin. Then 20% of that into Litcoin if you pay your taxes w Litcoin, you will get a 3% amazon coupon rebate.
Jan 21, 19 10:21 am

9 Lacks

Jan 21, 19 10:27 am

Zero Facks.  Always give zero Facks.

Jan 21, 19 2:05 pm

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