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I recently graduated with my bachelor's in Construction Management. I also have an associate degree in Interior design and I would like to get my Master in Architecture. I've done two summer internships, one with an interior designer and another with a small architectural firm. However, now I'm having trouble getting a job. I've been looking at drafting positions since I have experience with AutoCAD, but mainly Revit. I've also used programs such as bluebeam, Navis works, sage estimating and others. My plan was to work for a couple of years, get my portfolio ready, and get experience in the architecture field, and then apply for my Masters, but since it's been hard to find a job I'm thinking to apply this year. 

Should I keep looking a job as a drafter or another position maybe? Any suggestions?

Jan 16, 19 11:54 am

Have you been applying to jobs at construction companies?  That seems the most logical option with your education.  How long have you been job hunting?  

Jan 16, 19 2:38 pm

I've been applying to construction management internships but I haven't heard back.


I don't know what happened to the rest of my reply.. but I have been looking for almost 4 months now. I have been applying to drafter positions mainly to get experience and become familiar with the architecture life. Now I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question but my question is if there is a position I should be applying in the construction field that can help me in the architectural route? Thanks for your help!


Others may disagree, but I suggest applying for positions in the construction field. Understanding the process and even if you can get in there and see how things are built (ie. spending time on site) would be more experience than a lot of draftsmen get. My guess is that there may be some skepticism about hiring someone that hasn't been to architecture school.

We need some more info:

What city are you looking for work in?

What type of architecture do you have an interest in studying and possibly working on?

I congratulate you on taking a work then grad school path as you may find this period of work very informative.  I would recommend the book Cracking The Hidden Job Market, to learn how to do informational interviews, this process of informational interviews will serve you well in finding a job but also learning more about the profession of architecture and what you would need to do to better position yourself for career success now and while seeking your masters.

Also, if you have a short list of schools, even if you don't live near them, I would apply to the firms in that community as they are likely to have lots of alumni and connections which can aide you in getting into your chosen program. These collage town type of firms often need folks while school is in session to keep their production up and running.  

In the meantime work on your Revit and Cad skills, put an hour in each day designing a small project like a park bathroom building or something very basic but still giving you the opportunity to explore details and the technical side of drawings. Use this small project to make a small set of drawings that you can use to demonstrate our drawing and organizational abilities.

I hope this helps

Over and OUT

Peter N

Jan 16, 19 2:58 pm

I'm in Irvine, California, but I'm looking anywhere in Orange County. I'm very interested in sustainable architecture and Architecture of interiors.


And thanks so much for the book recommendation and the advice!

As Peter mentions this is most likely tied to your location. I'm an Associate Chair of a Graduate Architecture program, and as a result ,I know a number of firms, both Architecture & Construction, that are hiring in my city. Drop me a email and I'm happy to set up a call to offer you further insight.

Jan 16, 19 6:23 pm

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