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After 26 yrs of having my own small residential construction company an architect friend that works for a commercial company that was looking for a superintendent got me an interview and the fools hired me. 

To be honest I wish that I had done this sooner. My stress level is down considerably being that I don't have to worry about employees, beating the bushes for work, bookkeeping, taxes, insurance etc. etc. you guys know the drill. Plus the added benifit of learning new things which has given me more enthusiasm.

My new company will pay for continuing education so may I bother you for some recomendations. I have a Certified Green Profesional designation from the NAHB and have done quite a bit of research on my own, life cycle analysis of buildings, Passivhaus stratagies, building energy consumption / conservation, Japanese architecture, (this may seem out of place but I like Japanese architecture)  

I looked at the AIA continuing education site and they have a lot of sustainable programs offered. So my meandering question is this:

               What courses should I take to be more versed in the                                 design programs and statagies forward thinking architects                       and clients. I need LEED v4 BD&C but what else?

Thanks here's some Mose Allison to help you think


Jan 14, 19 1:30 am

If you're on the company dime, take courses that are related to the type of construction work you are supervising.  I wouldn't use their money for a course on Japanese architecture or some such thing.  Doesn't send a good message.

Jan 14, 19 7:21 am

or project management

go do it

Thanks geezer and curt.

After all these years I seem to have a decent handle on project managment and anyway we have a PM and project engineer (paper pusher) assigned to our projects and I get to do the fun building stuff in the field.

I know that sustainability is continuing to be important in design but what other design and building use stratagies have you all seen or heard about that are on the cutting edge or that will be a major player in the future and what is actually finacially viable? 

        Closed loop building systems

        Adaptive building reuse    http://sig.urbanismosevilla.or...

Jan 14, 19 8:58 pm

building envelope / building code / mass timber / passive house / high performance building systems

Jan 16, 19 2:46 pm

there should be courses on Revit fundamentals (or whatver programs you all use) that might be useful... it wont be enough for you to be proficient in it. and it's likely you will never have to use the program (those beneath you will). but I've found that managers who at least have SOME understanding of the tools 'draftsman' use these days are more helpful and efficient, than those who know nothing about it.

Jan 21, 19 12:02 pm

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