Fresh grad working in Project Management - Rather be in Design


Graduated in summer 17 and was freelancing for a year (unemployed but actually did some freelance design work). Recently got an offer from a top 10 international PM firm so I was tempted and took the job, which I've been at for around 4 months. I'm already 25 which also played a factor in my taking the job. 

I'm doing well and learning a lot, there has never been any negative feedback and my supervisor enjoys that I learn quickly. However, I'm naturally a creative and have always leaned towards that side of architecture, and I often find myself daydreaming of being in a design firm instead. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity, especially coming from a country where there are none, but I'd like to know how hard it would be to switch back to a Design firm after having completed say 1-2 years in PM. Would my experience here be considered irrelevant? 


Jan 3, 19 4:36 am

Yikes... you're 25? You're right... you are already way too old for any kind of change... I'd suggest you just be grateful for your current position and take some night painting classes on the side.

Jan 5, 19 4:33 am

Funny! Except my actual question was whether my potential 2 years in PM would be in any way relevant/beneficial to a future design career, or would they be considered as no experience when it comes to design employers - but carry on being unnecessarily sarcastic.

Witty Banter

For younger or inexperienced professionals the PM side can be some of the most difficult experience to obtain.  If you are good at design and can show that through a portfolio you should have no problem switching back to a design firm at a later date.  The PM experience will be looked at as a huge asset if and when you decide to make a move.

Jan 7, 19 9:47 am

Thank you!

architecture tends to be a profession that runs on a slower time table. try and be patient. Although, I often had the same feelings you are expressing.

short answer. yes, your experience will be 100% useful/relevant. We actually just did an episode that covers this exact question and others for designers at your age. (questions actually came from this forum). many have found it useful. 

Jan 9, 19 11:59 am

Thank you! Listening to your podcast right now :) very insightful!


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