Robin Hood Gardens in London


It is being demolished. Kind of a Christmas present to humanity.

Dec 12, 18 9:01 am

The real Christmas present is the fact that the V&A Museum will preserve an entire maisonette:

Dec 12, 18 9:21 am

Filing cabinets for humans.  

Dec 14, 18 1:59 am

Stacked housing, providing those who have the least in our societies with brand new, spacious homes.

How much was the decision to allow this housing estate to fall into disrepair and eventually get torn down made based not on budget constraints or lack of funding possibilities but the proximity to Canary Wharf and the political pressure to open the site up for luxury development and to move those poor folks away from the edge of one of the wealthiest  district in the region?

Dec 14, 18 10:03 am

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