Who on Archinect would you have a coffee with?


So if you had to pick just one archinect member... who would you pick to sit down and have a coffee with? 

Dec 6, 18 8:42 pm
Non Sequitur


I need to know if he's just as entertaining in person as he is here.

Dec 6, 18 8:44 pm

We can always Skype or similar service with video conferencing to save you the money on travel expenses but you have your favorite coffee. While I don't drink coffee, (never fancied the taste of coffee) but I do drink tea and hot chocolate or some other drinks.

I personally avoid international phone calling. If you ever decide to stop by in Astoria, maybe we can meet and chat.


^ Hard to get... I like it.


Donna, of course. Or Paul... Back to the original.

Dec 6, 18 11:45 pm

Anyone who can pass a background check.

Dec 7, 18 12:41 am

Current member only?

Dec 7, 18 3:47 am

DC? haha


Wait until he gets licensed as an architect.


I don't think DC is a coffee drinker, seems more the kale avocado smoothie type with a shot of wodka.

Patrik, so I could cut him down to size face-to-face. 

Dec 7, 18 10:19 am

Liberty Bell or Steven Ward always had sage advice.  Always looked forward to their posts.  If they're not taking calls, then I'd buy the first round of drinks with Non.

Dec 7, 18 10:53 am
Non Sequitur

Hey, I'd grab the 2nd round. BTW, Liberty Bell is Donna.


'BTW, Liberty Bell is Donna'. Mind blown. Makes so much sense, though. Thanks for the smile on a Friday morning.


What happened to Steven Ward?

I'd sit down with b3ta ... my guess is that we'd agree more in person than we do online.

I wouldn't ever sit down with Ken Koense though. Can't stand that guy.

Dec 7, 18 11:48 am
Non Sequitur

wait a second there... something doesn't add up.

I'd rather work with Non than have coffee with him. That should be another thread topic ... name your Archinect dream team. 

Dec 7, 18 12:07 pm
Non Sequitur

what about beers? Guinness specifically.


I see an Archinect series here: Two Architects in an Uber drinking Guinness

I think I'd still rather work with you than drink with you. You should take that as a compliment. If you want to have a Guinness or two, I won't stop you as long as it doesn't affect your work.


Is Brad Pitt on Archinect?  'Cause, you know...

Dec 7, 18 2:06 pm

Donna Sink, but it would be bourbon not coffee.

But truly there are a lot of interesting folks on here but if we are having a popularity contest someone has to be the winner.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Dec 7, 18 2:27 pm

Okay, okay... Donna then.  Sheesh.  ;o]

Dec 7, 18 2:32 pm

OneLostArchitect, perfect timing :)

Dec 7, 18 3:05 pm

Haha! Just saw that! Pretty cool!

Goldenen Schnitzen

Chemex, for a number of reasons, old stuff, new stuff, and to confirm whether the last time we were together was indeed that very make-shift dinner party in my old house's kitchen Christmas Eve circa 15 years ago.

Dec 7, 18 4:42 pm

i'd like to pound some whiskeys and watch miles cut down patrik.

Dec 7, 18 10:04 pm
OMG you guys are all so funny and smart and snarky and cool, how could I ever pick just one?!? I honestly think that most architects can get along with one another on a fairly primal level. Lots of disagreements to be had on the surface, yes, but down deep we all want and believe in the same things, AND we all agree that clients, while valuable and necessary, are often a huge pain in the ass.

In all seriousness I am ALWAYS down to meet another Archinecter at any time. But most people avoid Indianapolis.
Dec 7, 18 10:29 pm
Non Sequitur

Donna, that's like 1200km away...

OK wait. This doesn’t negate anything I said in the post above, but based on his/her comment on this thread alone I really want to sit down and have a drink with randomised. . OMG I can’t stop laughing.
Dec 7, 18 10:58 pm




Dec 8, 18 9:40 am

What kind of boutonniere are you sporting? We have great coffeeshops over here, see you soon!

Dec 8, 18 1:07 pm

Difficult to choose, simply just for starting the Thread Central and Proust Questionnaire threads I'd buy a coffee for abracadabra, for introducing me to some great music through some of you I'd like to have a coffee with gruen for starting the What music are you listening to? thread, for the music posted in that thread I wouldn't mind sipping a cup with tintt and the infamous Chris T. in any of his incarnations. To hear the accent in person I'd see if Per Correll still exists, and introduce him to Rick B. for tea (I think they would get along great).

Dec 10, 18 3:13 am

Per Corell or Correll is a name I haven't heard in a while.

Are you talking about the artist fellow?


Yes, the 3DH-guru


Ah, that's what I thought.



Dec 10, 18 9:10 pm

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