Hello World of Architecture! I've been reading Archinect for awhile now, but I've never posted. I am high school senior who is fully invested in architecture. I am looking for a mentor. I would like advice for what direction I should take my career based on my personal circumstances. 

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

Dec 5, 18 1:21 pm
Non Sequitur

Kinda little vague there.

Can't do much without knowing the country and university criteria.  Also, how are you "invested" in architecture?

Dec 5, 18 1:50 pm
I’m in the US and I’m hoping to go to Cornell University for b. arch.
Dec 5, 18 2:50 pm
Non Sequitur

How's your portfolio looking?


there’s an architecture program very close to you. In Arlington, TX if I’m not mistaken. They have several faculty members (who attended Cornell)) and can put you in touch with alumni (who also went to Cornell for graduate school), I worked with one several summers ago. Reach out to them. 

Be proactive 

Dec 5, 18 3:33 pm

Arch_grad2.0 has some good advice.  Arlington is a bit of a hike from Plano, but definitely try to do some emailingand see who you can find.  I'm sure the profs at UTA wouldn't mind chatting with you, and helping to point you in the right direction.  I would also check out LinkedIn and see what firms are in your area with Cornell grads.

Dec 5, 18 5:38 pm

What's in it for the mentor?

Dec 6, 18 5:53 am

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