first world problems

My 5-minute epoxy took 10 minutes to set. 

Dec 5, 18 9:44 am

Get a refund.

Dec 5, 18 9:45 am
Non Sequitur

but, how does he get a refund for that extra 5mins of his time?


Send them a pro-rated bill.

Non Sequitur

Do you also bill for the time it takes to write the bill?


Send a letter demanding compensation, a public apology and the abolishment of false advertising.


"Do you also bill for the time it takes to write the bill?" -- yes


it's warmer in florida - should take less, not more? or is it the humidity?

Dec 5, 18 10:50 am

Start a thread on Archinect, send them a certified letter, have your lawyer send them a letter, threaten a lawsuit, copy and paste all of the above into another thread on Archinect, then copy and paste each of the previous elements into individual tweets. 

Dec 6, 18 1:34 pm

And screenshot those tweets back to Archinect.


I think that's more an "other planet" problem than "first world."

Maybe I should have been more explicit: post your first world problems here.

I'm out of them, at least for the moment (tempting fate). 

Dec 6, 18 11:54 pm
Non Sequitur

My for realsie's first world problem today is that the tea my wife made me this morning at 7am is still too damn hot to drink 5 hours later because the quality of the thermos is too good.

Dec 7, 18 1:39 pm

I've found, through trial and error, the perfect number of ice cubes to add to my thermos to get the temp just right. It depends on the drink source/initial temp, and the size of the ice cubes obviously.

Non Sequitur

I craft my own ice cubes specifically for gin during the summer months. Does that count as a FWP?


artisanal ice would be a first world solution rather than a first world problem


At a fundraiser, my company bought an entire barrel of Woodford Reserve. That is 53 gallons. Now we have cases and cases of bottles to give away to clients. 

I am now trying to justify the 3 cases I have at my desk are for clients and not for personal consumption.

Dec 7, 18 2:52 pm

My neighbors use a leaf blower.

Dec 7, 18 3:10 pm

Mrs. EA decided that for Christmas lights this year instead of the alternating red and white lights we currently have, she wanted to change to alternating red, white, and green lights.

Dec 7, 18 3:17 pm

First world? Um, we aren't the first world in the solar system. We're the third rock from the sun. By that definition, we might be a third world problem.

Yes, I know what Miles meant by "first world problem".

Dec 7, 18 3:41 pm

Yes, I know what Miles meant by "first world problem". 

Then why waste the bandwidth making that statement in the first place? Yes, I realize the futility of this statement and inherent hypocrisy.


For the hell of it like you did.


The font I had to use for a publication didn't come with an em-dash.

Dec 7, 18 4:21 pm



I know!

OMG Miles for some reason it absolutely delights me that you had to post a second time to explain what you were after with this thread! We all took your concerns about two-part epoxy to heart, what a bunch of dorks we are!

My first world problem is that I couldn’t get the Ticketmaster app to work for me yesterday and it made me furious that Ticketmaster probably now knows my thumbprint because I still downloaded their damn app even though it didn’t work properly and the very fact the Ticketmaster exists and that voice-to-text recognizes “Ticketmaster” as a proper noun makes me want to burn it all down.
Dec 7, 18 10:52 pm

This shitpost will not go away, so I will try to make it into an educational one.


Plastics will lead to collapse of civilization. This should not be argued against at this point. 

Here we go. 

There are three types of plastics. Thermoplastic, Thermoset and Elastomeric. 

Thermoplastic: These are plastics you find in common household goods. All recyclables fall into this category. These types of plastics are shaped with heat and no chemical reaction is required. In architectural terms, these are your rubber tiles, PVC, all kinds of trim and edgebanding. 

Thermosets: Miles Jeffe was absolutely correct when he said that his epoxy was a shitty thermoset that won't cure at a rate expected in first world countries. Thermosets require a chemical reaction to work, and are not recyclable. In architectural terms, these are your epoxy and urethane floors. These are wonderful flooring and waterproofing products that are all over any modern project.

Elastomerics: Stretchy things that have a very specific modulus of elasticity. If you stretch them too far they will break forever. In architectural terms, these are your joint sealants, masonry and concrete coatings, and all things silicone. 

Hello world! I am drunk and shitposting on Archinect

Dec 8, 18 2:39 am

My first world problem is that we are the third world in this solar system and we are so damn myopic that we think we are first world because it's so damn hot. The problem is someone missed the memo on what kind of hot the first world is.

Dec 8, 18 3:21 am

Who ever gets memos these days?


I was joking a little bit but memos as used in the context of what I was saying is a brief note. While the word is actually short for memorandums but who cares.


I must not have gotten that memo.

Wood Guy

The cruise control on my pickup is less intuitive than the one on my Prius. 

There is a slight lag when logging onto my Sonos system.

My two computer screens display colors slightly differently. 

Those are a few things I noticed this morning, anyway. 

Dec 9, 18 12:21 pm

I charged my phone overnight and the battery is already down to 88%. 

Dec 9, 18 12:35 pm

The filter collapsed while pouring hot water over my Lavazza ground.

Dec 9, 18 1:32 pm

Oh, the humanity!


My Google search took almost half an entire second!

Dec 9, 18 3:01 pm

I have two job interviews and an assessment (while having been offered an extension of my current contract) all on the same day but no one to babysit my kid.

Dec 10, 18 4:05 am

1. my 2 year old wont stop playing with the ice and water dispenser on our refrigerator door.  She also gets really pissed when we turn the child lock on.

2.  The countertop installers are coming to install new stone countertops this Friday, which is also my 7 year old's b-day.  They can't some any other time before Christmas.

Dec 10, 18 1:02 pm

My flight was just delayed an hour. 

Dec 10, 18 3:47 pm
Non Sequitur

My slightly old beast workstation PC is getting replaced by a brand new beast workstation PC and now I have to reorganized all my settings and install google chrome.

Dec 10, 18 3:57 pm

My apple watch didn't automatically unlock my iMac, so I had to take the time to manually type in my password.

Oct 3, 19 1:57 pm

I got my car back from the mechanic and found that they had moved the seat. WTF

Oct 3, 19 2:49 pm
atelier nobody

I hate it when they do that!


How about that McDonald's bag & wrapper left in the door pocket?

i'm in the car in front of my house trying to look up a direction in google maps, but the wifi is too weak to give me a proper signal yet still power-obsessed enough to suppress a decent cell connection. 

Oct 3, 19 4:12 pm

Ugh the pain and frustration of this one haunts us all!

atelier nobody

I'm having to edit specs in Word, with MasterWorks - what is it, 1940 or some shit?!?!

Oct 3, 19 6:09 pm

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