Location Vs Size


I have planned to own a property in Chennai. I have confused in which get most priority among the following two factors location of the property or the size of the property. 

Nov 29, 18 2:30 am

They say location three times for a reason.

Nov 29, 18 2:51 am
Non Sequitur

how many squatters will need to be “relocated” on this plot of land once you take possession?

Nov 29, 18 7:37 am

இடம், இடம், இருப்பிடம்

Nov 29, 18 11:07 am

Thanks for sharing the informative post.

Dec 6, 18 2:51 am
Non Sequitur, you one again prove to be a provincial racist fuck.
Dec 15, 18 2:09 am

Is it racist when it's true though? (don't skip the comment section either)

It's racist cuz people with a Euro centric and Canada centric mentality only see what is bad about developing nations. White Americans are supposed to be racist and ignorant, never thought Canadian and bike riding Europeans would be much much worse.
Dec 15, 18 11:53 am

What's racist about Non Seq's question and my posted link that confirms that there are lots of informal settlements in Chennai? Think you're jumping to conclusions here and I guess your remark could even be considered racist and ignorant, so...And that's the way it is.

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