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Hey guys, I was invited to have an interview with OMA NY last week right before Thanksgiving. Still waiting for reply, and no response to my follow-up email yet.

The interview was quiet straight forward: 2 ladies, one senior one pm. Most of talks were led by pm, senior did not talk much. Starting with OMA's basic introduction and their self intro, then I did mine. We went through one of my favorite project, like a final review. I showed the video I did for that project on my ipad. Then I did not continue with designs, but with a data visualization research project I did in school, showed a video as well. Because I thought oma+amo may need people who can do design as well as research.

I did bring my professional drawing set I worked on in current firm, but not talked about it much. After these basically I asked questions and they answered. I really don't know how it goes, because they did not ask me some questions, beside my visa status question.

I know there are some threads about OMA interview already. So how's everyone's results? Did they notify you are hired or not? Is there one-round or two-round interview process? To share any info will be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

p.s. This is for a junior architectural designer position.

Nov 27, 18 1:19 am


Nov 27, 18 7:33 pm

As you can see, no one really gives a rat's ass about stupid Starchitect offices. Go ask your profs. Oh, and prepare to starve.

Nov 27, 18 9:29 pm

Those senior architects and project managers don't have time to have all those interviews, you're invitation was just to confirm their desire to hire you. If they can't figure out you'll be good for the job with your letter, CV and portfolio in one interview they're not good at their job. You've got this, congrats.

Nov 28, 18 4:55 am

Hope as you said, they said they will have decision in 2 weeks. But as my experience, both offer/no offer scenarios: If they wanted me, I got a second interview invitation by the following day; if they did not, will have no reply to follow-up at all, until a auto copy-paste e-mail from a non-reply e-maill address...


I interviewed there years ago - so it may or may not be how they're doing anything these days.  My recollection is that after the portfolio interview I didn't hear anything from them for 3 weeks or more, even though they'd said I'd hear within a week or two, so I eventually followed up with another email, and they responded that they were looking at project needs.  After another week or 2 I was asked to come in again.  That 2nd interview was to go through benefits, potential start dates, and to negotiate. Then it took maybe 2 more weeks to get an offer letter.  Total was at least 1.5 months of time from first interview to offer, maybe more.  Particularly around the holidays you might not hear things in the most timely manner - don't be surprised if they push you off until January. I didn't end up accepting their offer, so can't tell you anything about working there.

Nov 28, 18 11:26 am

Very useful input in term of "time-line"! Thank you 5839! I have a similar situation here, other firm's offer already arrived waiting for my signature to accept it....Do you think it is worth to asking result in person to their office after 2 weeks?


It would be appropriate to follow up by email in 2 weeks, or to phone somebody if they gave you contact info. Showing up in person would be a bad idea - that's pushy and not really appropriate without an appointment. If you already have another firm's offer you might let them know that - i.e. "I do not want to rush your decision but I'm also under some pressure to respond to another firm's offer..."




Guys, thank you for all your response. I will keep you guys posted with any updates!

Nov 29, 18 10:09 am


Guys, as I promised, I am sharing some updates. OMA New York finally turned me down, they say no further step for my application. I got the message from HQ HR Rotterdam. Then I had a little conversation with her at LinkedIn, asking me if I considered other locations, and I said no.

Based on my insights and info feed from my connections, the NY market never has a lack of applications, then it makes sense all employer take this advantage and consider the people asking for visa sponsor the last. This the same reason SOM HOK blabla said no to me. I knew someone as principal tried to refer me from inside for a position, and HR directly told him: even tough we are not saying in the ad "no sponsor available" (showing they are equal employer) , they will not accept any one without working visa, and they really need to appreciate Trump's policy of  "American employed first!"....

Lesson learnt. Glad have other offers in my hand with good salary and benefits. That's it. 

Dec 6, 18 11:23 pm

I missed the visa part of your first post, otherwise I wouldn't have been that positive, sorry. But yes, they wouldn't sponsor people in those junior or intern positions usually.


It is understandable, NYC is all about surviving. Good news is I am working on my O1 visa, and have another decent offer from RTKL, instead of starving at OMA, lol. Thank you for you input all the time!


peijunfei, I am going to be applying to forms next spring. I am graduating from my Masters this May, and currently hold an F-1 Student visa. Can you shine some light on which firms would be willing to sponsor someone? I am not picky about them. I am just looking for some stability.


Hi Francis, normally for recent graduates, you should pay attention to career center's activities such as "career fair". This is a routine recruitment for most of "big names" at graduation-hiring season, they normally will sponsor for employees from "career fiar" as "annul fresh blood". For example, KPF only recruits graduate students from several schools(you can name it, gsd, gsapp, upenn, uva and cornell) in their career fair, KPF even doesn't have an application/career page on their website (the page is there but literally a fake one, no useful information without updates for manyyears), and above is the reason.


shit 2/3 of my reply is missing here.......

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