What kind of training needed for Indian B.Arch student going for M.Arch abroad

I would really appreciate if this question is answered by some of the industry professionals with offices in Europe, Canada and the U.S. I am a recent B.Arch graduate from India , and have been applying for masters in the above mentioned countries since the last month. My possible admittance to any institute will be in Sep 2019, and hence I have about a year to train and practice in my home country. My predicament really is that the way we practice architecture here ( India) is very different from countries in the west. Form , expression , material and the software used are either different or advanced. I really want to have a solid skill set  by the time I reach a foreign country and want to be employable. Can anyone advice me on what kind of -

1) Software skills

2)Modeling skills 

3) Other skills

are needed for me to become a trained professional there. Right now, I am well versed in the following software- Autocad, Photoshop, Revit and Lumion. 

Q2- Is there anyway for me to get some outsourcing projects , so that I can show that as a reference for my experience in international architecture.

I am really confused as to do I even join an Indian firm or put all my time and energy into studying international projects and freelancing. 

Let me know what you guys think 

Nov 19, 18 1:20 am
Non Sequitur

Why are so many Indian B.arch looking for foreign M.arch?  Is archinect doing some sort of odd advertising down there?

Nov 19, 18 9:04 am

What's wrong with the architecture programs in India?

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I did not imply anything about program quality Ricky. Just noting the recent surge of Indian B.arch students posting here looking to NA and Europe. Canada has reciprocity with several Indian architecture programs, I assume several similar compliance paths exist in Europe too.


I wasn't saying you did imply anything or that it was your intent. However, the recent surge of Indian B.Arch students posting here looking to NA and Europe does kind of raise the question. As you may know, India has a very specific education requirement in the curriculum for architectural education. It is unclear to what extent a foreign degree meets the education. It is possible that they recognize the degree but in turn one may still have to take courses locally in India for deficiencies due to differences in the curriculum.

It is these concerns where I wonder why not just go through their local institutions.


It would seem to make more sense for me to get licensed or registered (whether it be as an architect or registered building designer / certified residential designer) in Canada (British Columbia) than say..... going from India to Canada for an architecture degree then to go back to India.

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Ricky, I love the idea of you traveling to India to complete an acceptable architecture degree (acceptable under the CACB, commonwealth devision) in order to qualify for intern architect in BC. Tangential to this, I do not know what qualifies as exempt buildings in BC, nor am I aware of the process, if any, one needs to take in order to offer design services for the sake of building permit.


lol.... yeah..... but in any case, what is exempt in B.C. from architectural licensing and registration/licensure requirements (or whatever) is tangential and while I am studying the requirements of BC as BC is regional to my area. It is something still down the road. My understanding is it is Part 9 buildings but I am still determining the square footage. There is other current legislative activities happening as well which would be interesting to follow.

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