AIA Membership Lapse


I'd like to skip my renewal for AIA this upcoming year.  Does anyone know if there are any negatives to skipping a year and rejoining next the next year?

Nov 13, 18 10:43 pm

They take away your birthday.

I mean... really... what do you get out of being an AIA member? If it's anything, you won't have that for a year.  They'll still send you every single freaking mailer they send out.  I've not done anything with the AIA since I was an intern logging hours.  I still get all their shit. 

Nov 14, 18 8:05 am

One negative I see from skipping for a year and then coming back is that you came back. If there is a benefit to you for skipping a year, wouldn't it still be a benefit to continue skipping? If there is not a benefit to skipping for a year, why are you skipping only to come back later? 

My advice ... don't renew and see if you like it. If not, then go back, but don't plan on it like you already know you won't like it. Go into it with an open mind.

Nov 14, 18 11:52 am

Check here to see if your state or local AIA components will want extra reinstatement fees in the event that you return:

Interruptions in the continuity of your membership may also be held against you if you ever seek to be an FAIA.

I'm thinking of skipping 2019 myself.  As a firm owner, I am forced to pay ridiculous amounts of supplemental dues and my local chapter is a worthless mess.

Nov 14, 18 12:07 pm

I personally feel AIA membership is worthless. Unless you are a huge firm. 

Nov 16, 18 3:20 pm

How can the AIA be a volunteer organization that you get out what you put into it in terms of time and effort and also an organization that charges very stiff annual dues? Seems like it would be one or the other?

You could make a case that the AIA should pay the members for making said members available as marketing targets for their corporate "partners".

Nov 17, 18 7:28 am

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