My thesis is a redevelopment of a public market, is it okay to demolish the whole 3 storey public market  with a 1+ hectare in area that is in 22 years old or just remove a part of it? Please help, my proffesor says that "Redevelopment means you cant demolish the whole building but only a part of it, is it true?

Nov 9, 18 12:17 am
Non Sequitur

How about you listen to your professor.  He/she just gave you your project's design parameters.  

Nov 9, 18 12:25 am

In a thesis, nothing is ever inherently "okay" or "not okay." The justification of your parameters is what makes it a thesis.

Nov 9, 18 5:06 pm

i bet it's not 

Nov 9, 18 11:41 pm

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