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Florida residential architecture question. I have this house that has rotten wood columns.6 columns and all are hollow, not structural, I think. The distance from the brick wall to the fake column lintel is 6'1, wood frame house, slab on grade with the exception of the porch.  Are the columns holding the lintel or are the truss tails holding it. The thing that bothers me are the hurricane straps are at the lintel. Thats fine and dandy but the up lift is troublesome. Even when new.... a few toe nailed columns to the deck boards wouldn't hold squat. What am I missing here.

Oct 21, 18 4:29 pm
Non Sequitur

Those columns ain't holding up shit.

Also worth noting, you should hire someone if you have structural concerns.

Oct 21, 18 5:07 pm

Don't be surprised if there is basically a 4x4 post in the middle of the column. The column maybe hollow somewhat with in that there is an airspace void between the round shaft shell and the actual post in the middle. They aren't necessarily logs turned in a lathe. Sometimes it is just a shell around a 4 x 4 post with a few wood blocks connecting the shell to the inner 4x4 post near the top and base and maybe an intermediate point or two. The inner 4 x 4 is usually just supporting a top plate system and the roof rafter/ceiling joist overhang over the porch area. You don't want to just knock out the columns. Technically, it is structural. Not so much the fancy outer shell but the inner post inside. I wouldn't recommend doing anything until you hire a local design professional who is competent in structural issues such as a structural engineer, some architects and building designers who are competent in structural issues. As suggested by Mr. Curtis, a local structural engineer would be a good option. Some architects and building designers with strong background in structural matters who are professionals in your locality would be advised. 

Oct 21, 18 9:40 pm

I've seen columns similar to this but has a 4x4 post inside that actually carries the load. The visible "column" is a shell around inner post. The structural connections are concealed at the cap and base in the deck framing. What you see are basically faux works around concealed structural components because they wanted to hide the unsightly structural connections with prettier wood work. This is what I suspect is going on.


nothing in the columns, they are rotted and can see in them. I went into attic. Looks like jack trusses that take care of the up lift.

Oct 22, 18 9:19 am

So, do you regularly check your attic mouse traps?  Or is it a let em die and rot situation?

Oct 22, 18 10:58 am
Non Sequitur

3 in one picture... must be a shit-tonne of crazy florida mice in there.


I'm guessing the bats eat them.

Non Sequitur



Florida = woodlands = squirrels

They make nice slippers...well if you have small feet

Oct 22, 18 11:42 am

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