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Wood Guy

Each month in Maine two building science discussion groups get together; one in Portland has been active for almost ten years, and one I started in the midcoast region last spring. (This is a blog post I wrote about the Portland one: https://www.greenbuildingadvis...) It's been a great way to share information and to meet professionals interested in high performance building. Basically networking for building nerds. I'd encourage others to start similar groups. 

On the slim chance there is anyone on Architect who would be interested in attending, see below for tomorrow's flyer, a discussion on climate change, following the dire report recently issued by the UN. (It's usually a more nuts-and-bolts discussion; last month's topic was heating systems for low-load homes.) 

Oct 16, 18 4:21 pm
Non Sequitur

Fascinating, and if it were not +600km away, I'd likely consider it.  

Oct 16, 18 4:34 pm
Wood Guy

You'd catch the last of foliage season! And ski season is around the corner. I've had several people ask about sharing the discussion live; if I figure out how to do that I'll post an update. It won't be tomorrow though.


i would like to go as well, but the distance thing will prevent me from showing up :(

Oct 16, 18 11:24 pm

portland when? Please

Oct 17, 18 12:29 am
Wood Guy

See below...

Wood Guy

The Portland group generally meets the first Tuesday of each month, but it varies, so it's best to contact the host and ask to join their mailing list:  http://performancebuildingsupp....

Oct 17, 18 8:57 am

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