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I am an 18 year old student. 

How do I make sure architecture is the right fit for me? What is working as an architect like? 

I have always been interested and practicing the arts. I had nearly opted out of architecture as a career until I realised I stood 400th out of nearly 400,000 students who appeared for an architectural entrance examination, with no prior preperation.

Since then, I have pondered over this question and have been interested in taking this up as a career.

But I realise this may be the result of my excitement due to my good results, and so I decided to wait it out for a year and then take a final call.

Oct 3, 18 4:51 pm
Non Sequitur

What's an architectural entrance exam?

Oct 3, 18 4:58 pm

India does this. While U.S. schools uses SAT, high school GPA, portfolio, and stuff like that, India uses a exams designed around architecture as some kind of aptitude test of a sort (NATA, JEE (Main) Paper, JEE (Advanced) aptitude),etc.) which I will post a link below that should give a general idea. Which one or ones that will be used for entrance may vary from location to location. In a highly competitive environment of far more students applying than they can train in the subject matter, these tests are used as a method of short-listing the number to those who maybe admitted into the program.

There maybe other countries that uses a similar approach but India was that came to mind.

Non Sequitur

Thanks Ricky. I suspected it was some sort of online personality type quiz. You might correct on this one.


The best way to know if architecture is right for you is to try it. The best way to try it is internship or volunteer.

Oct 3, 18 5:16 pm

I would do some shadowing in an architecture office prior to making your decision. There is no money in the profession either 

Oct 5, 18 11:08 pm
Everyone that took the exam is placed in the 400.
Oct 6, 18 11:21 am

There is a great career to be had in spamming the internet - they actually pay you to post shit.

Oct 7, 18 4:44 pm

And once again we have a bunch of dumb architect chumps on Archinect who are working for free. Aaarrrgh.


It's a neat career in many ways but has a downright awful business model. 

Jul 18, 19 8:25 am

well, better than the converse i suppose


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