master's thesis / lost urban spaces / urban voids

Amani abdo

i am really interested in the topic of ( dead spaces / lost spaces/urban voids/ transitional spaces / reviving  dead spaces / off the map spaces / leftover spaces ) and am planning to start working on my thesis , my instructor is not much of help to me .

and i just dont know where to start :(

your help would be really appreciated

Sep 12, 18 2:47 pm

start by going to the library 

Sep 12, 18 3:35 pm

pick a city... identify those spaces... do some thinking about those spaces... like why are they like that.... what could they be... The what could they be is the architecture... the why are they like that is likely not architecturally related as much as it is due to economic forces that you will need to research, learn and understand... That to me is the thesis part of this concept. 

People toss the word thesis around without always understanding what that means. In this case, an infill project isn't a thesis... defining the spaces you are talking about and why they likely exist and then utilizing Architecture to re-imagine these spaces is starting to sound like a thesis.

Sep 12, 18 6:21 pm

exactly ..

Amani abdo

thank you , this was what i exactly needed


search pet architecture by atelier bow-wow

Sep 12, 18 7:03 pm

Well, it's your thesis, not you instructor's. They can only respond to what you bring to the table. You're doing a bloody master, how the hell did you get where you are? by instructors chewing your food? Grow up and get to work :)

Sep 12, 18 9:33 pm
Amani abdo

well yea , this is realllly motivating :D thank you .


You're welcome


start by reading Gordon Matta-Clark.

Sep 12, 18 11:11 pm

Jeez, this is what passes for a Master's student?

Amani abdo

how could this b e related to my topic S:?


If you need me to tell you, you've already lost. get a library card, or amazon account, read up on Gordon Matta-clark.

oh, forgot....;]

Amani abdo

Will do


Start with defining your intent and vision, and take it from there.

Sep 13, 18 12:52 am
Amani abdo

thank you

The first thing to read and view is the book and research films The social life of Small urban spaces.  This study encapsulates a simple thesis and deals with urban spaces both successful and unsuccessful.

The film is hard to find but if it is 53:00+ of - then it is the full movie.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Sep 14, 18 3:18 pm
Amani abdo

Thank you peter thisbis really helpful

it's an interesting direction. tho based on the topics you listed (dead spaces / lost spaces/urban voids/ transitional spaces / reviving  dead spaces / off the map spaces / leftover spaces) it sounds like you are prioritizing the utilitarian function of the spaces more than anything else (i could be projecting here). It might be more interesting to understand what social impacts this lost spaces have and how that can be addressed. 

there are a lot of theses who outline dead space as a problem because they are under-utilized... and their solution end up being basically, "so we should use them, by shoving program there". perhaps the dead spaces are problematic for other reasons (social, political?) as well.

Sep 18, 18 11:27 am
Amani abdo

I couldn't t agree more, thank you
this was inspiring

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