What is this architectural style?


For years, I've been trying to figure out what THIS architectural style is called. I love the style, and see it fairly often, but all of my internet searches fail to provide me with a name for the style. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 

Sep 11, 18 2:27 am

Yours is a modern version of the famous 'House of the Seven Gables" New England home featured in Nathaniel Hawthorne's book published 1851. The "House of the Seven Gables' actually exists, it was built in 1668, and can be visited in Salem, Massachusetts, for a small fee. Your version is much more open and brighter and happier, but then again it is not in Salem and not inhabited by New Englanders either, right?

Sep 11, 18 5:50 am
Non Sequitur

nine-tenths century golf-course chic

Sep 11, 18 8:21 am
Non Sequitur

Also... the OP has terrible research skills.

Sep 11, 18 8:25 am

Style? Like, in as in a hair style? It's not so much a style as an extruded plan and a sales brochure. I'd describe it as a house with another house wrapped around it, big attic on top and lick and stick concrete that is painted to look like stone. Very popular with the muffin-top crowd.

Sep 11, 18 10:19 am

I would guess the house the OP listed is within 100 miles of Fredericksburg, Texas?

Sep 11, 18 10:53 am

That's called the, "Damn it, I have 14 materials, and a bunch of extra columns, and I plan to use them all" style. 

It's not the worst I've seen.  But I wouldn't say it follows the general rules or trends of any particular style.  It's more a mish mash that someone threw together who didn't know enough to know better. 

Sep 11, 18 11:06 am

It's a 6.

Sep 11, 18 11:17 am

That scale is very generous.

vado retro

Truss Designer Cream Job Chic

Sep 11, 18 12:02 pm
Non Sequitur

That house's style is called "first world problems"

Sep 11, 18 1:19 pm

Classic example of the peak "Haunted" period

Sep 11, 18 2:20 pm

this person is a quality addition to the forums.

Sep 11, 18 9:37 pm


Sep 11, 18 11:01 pm

"Ecclectic" a mixture of many precedents.

Sep 11, 18 11:47 pm


Sep 12, 18 7:06 pm

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