Any Michigan based architects out there?


Hi everyone! I'm a UK based architect who has recently been selected as a winner in a design competition. I now have to fabricate my design and I am having trouble sourcing someone who can CNC a ply structure and possible assemble and store the structure before it is erected on site. I wondered if there was anyone out there who could direct me with some leads or indeed collaborate with me to get this thing built. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. An accomplice would be even better!  :)



Aug 19, 18 1:57 pm
Depending on where it is going in Michigan, there are lots of maker shops in the Chicago area who could do this for you, notably Ravenswood Studios. Chicago has a lot of cross pollination with western MI.
Aug 20, 18 12:13 am

I see. It's going in Detroit. I will ask them the question. They look like a good outfit. Thanks for this.




is this the community infill competition?

In any case Brian DuBois could likely help you out.

He does a lot of custom millwork in the Detroit area, used to be on this forum years ago. could also do the work for sure, but they do a lot of autoshow and exhibit stuff and may not have time.

Aug 20, 18 11:24 am

Ya Brian used to be on here. He does great work and is a Good guy. I would reach out to him for sure


Unfortunately I'm not allowed to divulge information for the time being. 

I'll reach out to Brian. Thank you very much for the tip! It's much appreciated. 

Aug 21, 18 3:26 am

Brian DuBois is awesome.  I'll also point out my husband's company, Ignition Arts. We're in Indianapolis but he does work all over the country, and Detroit is really close.

Aug 21, 18 9:26 am
Sam Apoc

really cool stuff!


That's fantastic Donna. I'll definitely get in touch. Thanks! :)

Truck loaded and headed to Detroit!

Sep 16, 18 9:08 am

Video of three of the final sukkahs. Listen to the end, it's a lovely message that Abre says!

Oct 13, 18 11:21 am

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