What to do with old Architectural Record magazines?


I am trying to purge my old books/magazines and wondered - is there any reason to hang onto old arch records from 2003-2007? Do you think anyone would want them? Just thought I'd check before I toss them. Thanks!

Aug 9, 18 11:17 am
Non Sequitur

Drop them off at a local highschool art class.

Aug 9, 18 11:19 am

If you have a half priced books nearby, they may take them.

Aug 9, 18 11:32 am

My daughter's grade school art-teacher and son's daycare both took a deep stack of design mags recently.  Said they're great for clipping images for art projects.  

Just make sure you ask first, you don't want to seem like you're just unloading your trash.

We also have a couple community/resource centers here in town that like taking them for teens and young adults.

Aug 9, 18 11:46 am

Keep them. Buy a bigger library unit and stack them in there.

Aug 10, 18 6:22 am

That’s not old. Architectural Record from the 1960's is old. 

Aug 10, 18 8:41 am
Non Sequitur

Perhaps the best option is to hoard all the AR mags and rent out a few storage lockers... then default on the monthly payments and wait for one of those reality storage hunter jive shows to find it.


I am in nyc so unfortunately renting a bigger apartment so I can buy a bigger library unit or renting out storage lockers is not the solution I'm looking for. But I like to imagine defaulting on payments so the storage unit goes to auction and then imagining the disappointment on the highest bidder's face when he discovers the AR mags are not truly old (from the 60's) and therefore worth nothing. 

Thanks guys for your input! I tried contacting some art donation sites and they're maxed on on donations. I'll post them on craigslist and hope some hoarder comes along my listing.

Aug 10, 18 10:15 am

fireplace kindling

Aug 10, 18 10:28 am

Paul Rudolph solved this problem a long time ago.  There is plenty of room for magazines at the ceiling/wall intersection of your apartment. 

Image result for paul rudolph apartment

Aug 10, 18 10:44 am

I'd have used the edges on the bottom that are now used for seating and levels.


How many cm's (centimeters) of shelf are we actually talking about here that need to go? It's an interesting period though your tossing, Seattle Public Library, New Museum...

Aug 10, 18 10:52 am

Yes, and the magazines that seem have no value now have a funny habit of becoming valuable later.


Donate them to your local architecture faculty library. My school had magazines from the 80s I can't see why they wouldn't take 2007 publications. If your collection is comprehensive they will bind the issues together and add them to the library stock.

Aug 10, 18 2:49 pm

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