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Hi everyone, I was wondering do you have tricks to conceptualize a.
Project? Normally. Everyone should start with the plan and then go with
elevations but when looking at precedent you often want to incorporate
exterior design that you like.. However doing it is often screwing up
your plan so how are you guys dealing with this?

Aug 7, 18 7:58 pm

Ask your professor or your boss! Or read a book or two!

It's impossible to explain online...

Aug 7, 18 9:38 pm
( o Y o )

You are thinking one-dimensionally.

Aug 7, 18 10:12 pm

On a new building, I'm shaping everything 3d in my head before much of anything goes on paper.  Then I use paper/computer/model/found objects to sort out the details. 

On renovation, it's plan based. 

Aug 8, 18 11:29 am
Wood Guy

It's an iterative process. Usually start with the plan, but go to section and elevation before getting too far down a path. Make adjustments, and repeat the cycle. If you spend too much time getting a plan perfect before developing sections or elevations, you will be backed into a corner you can't get out of without making a mess. 

Aug 8, 18 12:19 pm

So it is not finishing plan then going into elevations, it is really a switch between both and adapting the plan grossly so the idea works and then make it look good on elevations and adapt the changes on the plan the best way you can?

What if the elevation design creates too much lost space in the building?

Aug 8, 18 3:24 pm
Non Sequitur

That's when good design skills come in handy. Honestly, if you can't figure out a project in DD holistically, you need to take a very hard look at your thought process.


It's a back and forth process. Ideally you're starting with a program for the project, and designing 3-dimensionally - which can be literally working 3-dimensionally via digital or physical models, and/or can be by designing in section and letting the plans and elevations develop by that process and all participate in informing the design process, rather than the plan being the driver of the rest of it.


I start with the concept and take it from there.

Aug 8, 18 4:26 pm

concepts don’t fall from the sky, but are the result of many many years of compiling ideas and details with no home.  My advice, keep the well flowing even when the clients aren’t there, and sketch like mad. 

Aug 8, 18 4:28 pm

I form a picture in my head while walking (it is necessary that I be walking), then I try to sketch it until I realize there's an impossible geometry. Then I repeat the process until there's kind of a building. 

Then I open Revit and slowly murder it.

Aug 8, 18 6:07 pm

I understand, I will try to find a mix between the 2 and work on it! I might be giving up too quickly and as mentionned above, Im too stuck with 1 idea that I lose the rest of possibilities ! thank you so much guys for your help it is really appreciated!

Aug 9, 18 7:39 am


You can start with plan, elevations, models.. whatever you like


You start with an idea.

Aug 10, 18 9:26 pm

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