Curb cut for R4B, R5B


I have a question regarding to r4b, and r5b. There is a rule that forbid curb cut for lots with width < 40 , so does it mean that for small interior lot < 40 ft, your are not allowed to have a parking space because all parking spaces ( garage , etc ) require a driveway and all driveways require a curb cut. Of course for a large development with many houses you could have a shared driveway for all houses but what if you have a small lot, how do you meet the parking requirement ? One dwelling unit you can have it waived, but how about 2 units for r4b, and 3 units for r5B

Thank you


Jul 12, 18 2:21 pm

interior lot? no street front? how you access it?

and kudos to NYC planning for these incredibly didatic pages

Jul 12, 18 2:29 pm

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