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Hi, I will have a couple weeks in Germany this month. Basically I plan to spend few days in each key cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hannover, and Koln. Any architecture you guys would recommend me to visit? Any idea is also welcome. Many thanks!   

Jul 3, 18 6:51 am

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All Berlin:

Berlin Philharmonie and the Potsdamer Platz area.  

Axel Schultes/Charlotte Frank Crematorium (Crematorium Baumschulenweg)

Reichstag and surrounding buildings. 

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Berlin Olympic Stadium and surrounding Olympic Structures (right next to it is a Corbusier Unité d'Habitation)

Otherwise, Eat lots of Doner Kebabs (kebaps) and try the Italian food, along with the local fare.  Lots of good Italian food in Germany.  

Jul 3, 18 8:06 am

Aha! The best paella I've ever had was in Berlin.

National Gallery by Mies.  

Jul 3, 18 10:28 am

Englischer Garden in Munich.

Frauenkirche in Dresden.

Jul 3, 18 11:33 am

Campus Joachimstraße by David Chipperfield in Berlin, Dutch Embassy by Koolhaas/OMA, also in Berlin.

Jul 3, 18 4:22 pm

Thanks very much guys!

Jul 4, 18 4:35 am

Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & DeMeuron in Hamburg

Olympia Stadium and Park by Behnisch & Partners in Munich - especially the roof tent structure by Frei Otto

Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, LeCorbusier, Mart Stam and many more

Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein by Herzog & DeMeuron, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry an many more

Cologne Cathedral (Church in Cologne)

Ulm Minster (Church in Ulm)

Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, Bavaria

Historic City Center (Semperoper and so on) in Dresden 

And of course a lot more...

Maybe your will find some more places to visit on this page (sorry its in german):

Jul 10, 18 1:20 am

Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart by UN Studio. 

Jul 10, 18 2:27 am

Cologne Cathedral is a must. Arguably the most important building in Germany.

Jul 10, 18 12:08 pm

please go watch (listen) something in Berlin Philharmonic. Life changing.

Jul 11, 18 6:12 pm

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.  Mind-blowing landscape/architecture... as well as very well done memorial content.

Jul 12, 18 8:25 pm
Consider going to Hamburg, so much awesome stuff to see there, and really cheap nights on the town!
Jul 12, 18 10:58 pm
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Skip Hannover, Frankfurt, & Koln (blah for Germany's standards). See Stuttgart, Hamburg, und Dresden. You're welcome.

Jul 28, 18 12:04 am

Oh and watch the Wim Wenders movie Der Himmel über Berlin.

Jul 28, 18 12:30 am

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