Porch design and staircase location


Hi. I need some help, i want to build a porch of round shape in front of my house with a roof of TR & Girders. And also i don't find a place for stairs, can you please help me ?

Stairs should be in somewhere in red area, and green curve indicates the front boundary of porch. 

3d images are given.

Jun 21, 18 10:22 am

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I'll jump on this before others do - you should find a local architect in your area to help you.  It's great to have an idea of what you want - it's encouraged actually - but by coming here to ask for FREE help, that's not really ok with most professionals.  Sorry!  

Jun 21, 18 10:54 am

What, you don't like the two-kitchen, no bath, no living room concept? Where's your imagination? Let the OP build it just like it is. We need for him to go down in flames so that we can clean up the gene pool.


Oh no doubt there are a lot of things wrong with this. But the post reads like that's what he already had to work with *shrugs* It looks like this is a shared living-type situation, and all of these bedrooms are really like small studios or dorms and that hallway is an exterior circulation space.

Non Sequitur

I'd love to have a personal kitchen in my bedroom. This could be a new trend and this kid is right at the front of it.


This is a shared living environment, where two or more small families with 1 or no children live.


Ahhh, well everybody knows that people don't defecate in group living situations.

must be a detached toilet somewheres


Dual kitchens but porta potties. Definitely an interesting concept.


OP:  You have a couple of other issues that need addressing before you worry about a grandiose front porch.

Jun 21, 18 11:19 am

I am 110% sure this is a throwaway troll account of someone with too much free time.

I refuse to believe in this level of incompetency even from first year undergrad. Or even a highschool student. 

Jun 21, 18 11:27 am

It is not a troll account, you should decrease your surity level.

Non Sequitur

You should up your design level then


This is not my Design level, the building in 3d images have already been built,i have a task to make a porch infront of it and stairs, so what to do, please give some sincere suggestion.

one cannot answer your question without a better understanding of the context. This is a design consult you should pay someone to do.


Thanku, i will try to reach you people with a detailes 3d model of existing building, and the new task.

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Tell who ever asked you to do the work to hire someone more competent who won't attempt to source free answers from strangers online.

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if you care to email me the owner name, & site address I can send you a fee proposal to do a design consult or refer you to a local person


DC trying to turn this into a job?!?!?!?

I'd like to see where it is. "job" implies no.

It's not me, I swear.

Jun 21, 18 12:22 pm

It is not a troll account, you should decrease your surity level.

Assuming you meant "surety", my confidence that it's not me is unshakable. But it is a great model for a future troll. #filed

stairs to what? You model only has one level?

Jun 21, 18 12:36 pm

to hell


To roof,

hell has a roof? that seems off

we would need to know the context, the property lines the setbacks, adjacent property info (buildings).

Contact an architect/designer near you and work with them.




Hell has a roof, and we're living on it.

The roof has a Trump sign on it

one would need to know the topo and the parcel info and setbacks and motivations. Your question exists in a vacuum.

Jun 21, 18 12:48 pm

how come archinect deletes an entertaining thread like "when to sell out" and not this crap?

Jun 21, 18 1:02 pm
Non Sequitur

That thread was nuked? when? why? those things are gold mines when resurrected by spam bots.

How will we know when to sell out?

recreate the Spanish Steps but smaller

Jun 21, 18 1:15 pm

So... the Mexican Steps?

with a curvy porch at the top instead of a church


hi, thanks to all of you, your comments are good, but the building in 3d images has been already built, that's why i am facing the problem, and i have to come to you people, 

Jun 21, 18 1:19 pm

Just tell me, that this type of porch is feasible with tr and girders roof? And where to build the stairs?

Jun 21, 18 1:24 pm
Non Sequitur

Is this a school project? If so, it's pretty shitty to start with so adding a faux Victorian porch won't really help. Also, what does TR stand for?

stairs to what? It is a one level house


I wanted to ask about the TR but figured it was something I should already know. :-P

Ted Roosevelt


T Bar, sorry, we say it TR in our local language.

Non Sequitur

Tbar, as in, for suspended acoustic tile ceilings? This just keeps getting better.

Thunderbird Lounge. It was reopened at some point.


does tr = Truss?


oh wait! is that structural T-bar?


za - 

We can't respond because we don't actually know enough about this building or the location to be able to feasibly respond. Even if we did know these things, it's not fair of you to ask for a FREE advice, especially when that FREE advice creates a situation where anyone who comments would be on the hook legally.  Architects do not just create pretty pictures of buildings in 3d which is what the post above insinuates.  We work towards solutions that ensure health, safety, and welfare of inhabitants.  

To reiterate, you should hire a local architect to help you.  They will know your local laws for building, can make sure its structurally sound, and can coordinate the construction for you.   

Jun 21, 18 1:27 pm



If you are going to be occupying the roof, it will need to be capable of a floor load. You'll need someone to engineer that also.

Jun 21, 18 2:21 pm

2 kitchens, no bathroom. This must be a Balkins design

Jun 22, 18 3:48 pm

Only the red and green lines.


Shit in the sink.


Yep, that one kitchen with no windows. That's where you'll find the shittin' sink.

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