Post the tutorial that changed your life


it would be nice to share some tutorials about whatever software that changed your life (or you think its very good)

I'll statr with this one:

Jun 20, 18 9:51 pm

can’t stand this garbage

Jun 20, 18 10:16 pm
Non Sequitur

I found the orange gradient in the still video image too ugly.


You clearly don't have much of a life, if it is up to a CAD tutorial for it to change.

Jun 21, 18 1:06 pm
Non Sequitur

Hey, some people like to set their bar low. Makes them feel extra special when they surpass it.



Jun 21, 18 1:09 pm

wow, this community sure is toxic.

Jun 22, 18 11:06 pm
Non Sequitur

how so?


this community is awesome. a guy i work with set up his revit colors and the menu layout to look just like autocad. i should ask him to put together a you tube tutorial.

Non Sequitur

curt, I tried that but then converted back to regular revit white & ribbon... did not like it eventhough my autocad settings are black & red with very few tiny buttons. Should I post a tutorial?


community? what community?


The whole David Rutten grasshopper "masterclass" series where he fully explains masking, the path mapper syntax, etc was a big eye-opener

Jun 26, 18 9:47 am

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