Continuing the myth


We've got some 6th graders coming in this weekend for a tour as part of their STEM program at georgia tech to see what "architects do".  Everyone's to have their desks cleaned by Friday, we've removed all stick sets from view, and they're using the large tables for the few models we've done over the years.  Honestly, some of them have seen better days and should be tossed, but it's what we've got.

I wish we could be more honest with them, but I'm not rocking the boat.

Jun 14, 18 12:38 pm

Oh... and the marketing head and an admin assistant will be docents, so no actual architects.  *shrug*  They told us about this last minute and I already had plans out of town this weekend.

Jun 14, 18 12:39 pm

Show them Archinect?

Jun 14, 18 12:42 pm

The marketing guy and an "administrative assistant" will be the ones telling the kiddies what architects do!  Gotta love that.  I wonder if one of the little buggers will ask why there aren't any actual architects around.  They're in debtors prison, maybe.

Jun 14, 18 1:21 pm

6th graders visiting any professional office-- for an hour, on a weekend-- will plainly get just a tiny sliver of information.  And that sliver will be processed inside 11-year-old minds.  So don't sweat this.  

If the concern is the marketer's skewed perspective, then show up and give them yours.  That would add some value.

Jun 14, 18 2:03 pm

My old man hosted my third grade class from PS 6 in Manhattan and gave them a full client presentation on a custom house.

At the end one kid raised his hand and asked, "Where is the swimming pool?".

Jun 14, 18 2:51 pm
Non Sequitur

Was there a swimming pool and the kid was just dumb?


this is awesome.

Sir Batshit Crazy

So i go to this new job. Parents not home. I Tell teenager "your dad said anytime to survey the house"....he says " i am sorry who and what do you?"...... i says "architect. You know the new house? but it will be part of this house.".....he says "oh yeah,but parents arent home."....i says "you know we putting in a basketball court right?"....he raises his hand to give a homeboy like high five handshake and then i says "and a pool on the roof." He says "my man,come on it."...i says "your dad did tell you we were coming right." yeah pools are important.

I have a folder full of the

se, each one funnier than the last.


what the actual fuck. they write cursive?


sorry for the swear words

Sir Batshit Crazy

Sue was on the money!


payed? come on.


i think you should dress up for the kid's visit.  sort of like halloween style. while the marketing people make everything look nice, the kids will see the bloody mad scientist in the background.

Jun 14, 18 10:06 pm

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