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Hey everyone.. I've noticed some of the job posting I'm interested in, want you to have BCIN number (for entry or drafting/technologist jobs). I don't know if this is only required in Ontario, but I don't think that came up anywhere during BscArch Undergrad studies. Anyways, I'm just trying to continue gaining more work experience before doing my MArch next it necessary??

Jun 11, 18 3:29 pm
Non Sequitur

A BCIN is only for Ontario.  It's a building designer qualification number that allows an individual the ability to provide and or submit construction documents for the permit application.  Architects and P.engs are not required to hold one because our education and licensing reqs are well above the minimum for a BCIN. 

Please note that only certain types and sizes of buildings are permitted to be designed under the BCIN.   

Jun 11, 18 3:36 pm

Oh okay makes sense, thanks NS. I think I'll hold off on getting that since I already have the Bachelors degree and my education will be above that requirement soon enough!!

Jun 12, 18 3:29 pm
Non Sequitur

It's not your education, specifically, that is above the BCIN. It's your OAA license. Even as a M.arch grad, you still need a BCIN if you ever venture off on your own and offer building design services in ontario if you are not a licensed architect (don't forget the insurance too).


okok cool

Non Sequitur

I actually had this BCIN conversation with my Uber driver this morning as I was returning from site.


thought this was interesting:

at my 30 person firm, 5 people or 16% have children that are doctors.  If you don't count the people who either don't have kids or whose kids aren't college age, the percentage jumps to 35%

maybe only interesting to me....

Jun 15, 18 11:21 am
Non Sequitur

Interesting, but odd place to write this here in an Ontario building designer certification discussion.


sorry about that, I had too many tabs open….

Jun 15, 18 2:08 pm

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