attraction on a island


As my thesis topic is attraction on a island. I just want your ideas, which sort of attraction do you wish to see on island. 

my program is 


banquet halls 

bazars (small shop places) 

water activities 


picnic spots 

what else,can I have ?

May 26, 18 4:47 am
Non Sequitur
Neither of those i would want. Why not a strip club? You can use old shipping containers too.
May 26, 18 6:23 am

why would i want a strip club?

Non Sequitur

Because it's a practical and intelligent design solution. Plus everyone loves boobies

You want fries with that?

May 26, 18 9:07 am

Is this for an online degree program? Just curious.

May 26, 18 9:56 am

hmmmm... do you have something in a master's... artsy sounding... not too demanding?


no, but I can certainly dig myself into student loan debt.




They already tried 3 season of temptation island and it didn't really work out and there was plenty of attraction on an island.  How is your thesis different? 

May 26, 18 10:24 am

^ Thank you, I was trying to remember that sleazy show's title. I always thought of it as Venereal Island. "Come on, gang, we're all meeting down at Chlamydia Lagoon!"


I have 4 religion on the island which is the main focus. I'm adding water activities, resort and all. T he island has a lot of potential of tourism.

Non Sequitur

All religions are the same. It's the same nonsense placed into different dumb boxes. Use this as the basis for your thesis.

Superfluous Squirrel

Island is pretty vague. Japan, Bali, Svalbard, Saint Helena, and Madagascar are all islands. They are all incredibly varied places with different cultures and different architectural requirements. They all support resorts too. If you narrow down your site to a particular climate or location it might help you with what programs you should include. 

May 26, 18 3:18 pm

my main focus is on the waterfront of my island but I'm helping the lower community of that area too by doing eco-tourism on that island.

Superfluous Squirrel

You missed my point.

Does your island look like this:

Image result for svalbard

or this:

Image result for bali

or this:

Image result for bahamas

Or something different?

Superfluous Squirrel

Those all have waterfronts and will support ecotourism.

wurdan freo

Fantasy Island... but all characters are replaced with cyborgs... or robots... you decide.

May 26, 18 3:50 pm

a.k.a. Westworld.


Sounds boring as hell and is not a thesis.

May 26, 18 4:43 pm



thank you


You're welcome, is it a proper thesis, master and everything, or just a final (design??) project mislabeled as a thesis?

Everything you need to know is here: Image result for fantasy island

May 26, 18 5:42 pm

thank you. will watch this :)


What do humans correlate with happiness? Easy... hot girls/guys, youth, and expensive things/money.

High end strip clubs and brothels check all those boxes.

Your thesis is a time to be bold, don't miss your chance to stand out from the crowd.

May 28, 18 5:56 am

naked dinosaurs

May 28, 18 4:22 pm

hahaha, sure :)


all I understood from everyone's post over there is that, I need to open a strip club or a club on an island nothing else. You guys are not even thinking about the resort or any spot where they would want to stay and frankly speaking, everyone would not want to come and sit at a bar or even in a strip club. need to think beyond that! 

May 29, 18 5:18 am
Non Sequitur

Answer this: why should we do your homework for you?


it's just a shallow, boring and dime a dozen horrible project, not worthy to be labeled a thesis. the least you could do is question the nature of resorts and how they kill local communities. the best resorts are the ones never realised...


Right. We deserve to fail this studio.

But, but, but .... boobies!


I never said you to do my homework all I asked was your opinion about it. nothing else!

thanks :)

Non Sequitur

Lazy student is lazy.


you would know better!

Non Sequitur

I do know better. Thank you for noticing.


What should golf course resorts that are not close to the beach add to get more people to come to the resort?  Should they boost their program with more family centered activities in an attempt to branch out and/or get their members to bring the family, or should they double down on golfing and/or add more activities focused on their 40+ male demographic?

There's a thesis for you

May 29, 18 9:12 am
Non Sequitur

easy, add a few strip clubs.

Stealing and citing drawn/written work is one thing, using the ideas of others to do your work is another. And you are trying to use other peoples ideas (think intellectual property) without proper citation or permission. "Person X on the chat forum said it was ok," is not acceptable. 

And before you reply with "I'm just asking questions," -if this is the case, you're implementing a (bad) survey with the intention of culling the data for your use and presentation. AKA you have human subjects and you have not provided any release forms or proper survey instruments. 

May 29, 18 9:13 am

well, I'm here just asking for opinions not asking anyone to do my homework. eventually, what I have in my mind that person won't be thinking like that. I know what is the situation I'm dealing with. so let's just stop putting blame on me that I'm making you guys do my homework or anything else! it's just an opinion like you would ask anyone if you're designing something. that's it

Non Sequitur

Nope, you're looking for a short-cut. Same thing happen a few month ago when you came begging for thesis ideas. Stop being lazy and try to do something on your own first.

My point is not that you are being lazy about getting people to do your work, it's about using a proper process given that you are using the survey as a counterpoint. 

You crossed the line of "just opinion" when you started coaching - (You guys are not even thinking about the resort or any spot where they would want to stay and frankly speaking, everyone would not want to come and sit at a bar or even in a strip club. need to think beyond that! ).


I just mention it above that not everyone would like to come and sit in a bar someone would like to stay more like a vacation or something.

Non Sequitur

Rutaba, how many studios have you failed so far?



May 29, 18 12:07 pm

Watch LOST, plenty of programming there....

May 29, 18 12:44 pm


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