How much you are "your own boss" as an architect?

Please advise.

May 21, 18 10:44 am

I'd advise you be more clear on what information you're after, and why. 

You stopped just short of titling the thread and saying, "Discuss". 

May 21, 18 10:59 am
Le Courvoisier

I'm not going to advise you. I don't take directions from others. #likeaboss

May 21, 18 12:39 pm

my wife is the boss

May 21, 18 12:53 pm

Wait, a re we married to the same woman?


bad start, wrong target.

May 21, 18 1:02 pm


May 21, 18 4:29 pm

That's all? Piker.


More than is good for me but less than I want to be.

May 21, 18 4:43 pm

enough to not get fired that’s how much of a boss I am 

May 21, 18 7:47 pm
Non Sequitur
Are there cookies?
May 21, 18 8:13 pm

i am not my own boss.  some days i think the coffee pot is the boss.

May 21, 18 9:35 pm

When you can say "no" to projects because you don't like the client, project mandate, budget or the people involved I would consider that to be a milestone and on your way to being your own boss ..... getting groceries, cleaning your room, clean the garage and making dinner for the family etc. when you are told, well that's just life and being part of a family, but if you just do that kind of stuff without being told then you are definitely the boss, better yet if you can delegate that work and get to go out and "play"then you are an efficient, bad ass multi-tasking boss.

"Time is money"

May 23, 18 4:07 pm

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