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Wondering if any NYC architects here can shed some light in the following. I recently started to do my own expediting on projects I am working on so that I can save on fees, and have control of the filing process. Up to this point, I have done a handful of filings mainly through the online development hub and have only filed architectural work which has been pretty seamless and easy. 

Recently I landed a project that's a bit more involved, and includes a structural stair for which I have hired a structural engineer. Now that I am ready to file, I am running in a bit of  confusion as to how this project is filed. Are architectural drawings always filed separately from any other consultants? Do the two structural drawings that are signed and sealed by an engineer represent a separate application? meaning, I would need duplicate pw1 forms, etc 

Thanks for any insight into this

May 16, 18 1:59 pm

Just hire an expediter. If your client can’t afford to pay you and an expediter, they can’t afford the project. Cutting corners is NOT the way to go; if I were your client and I knew you were asking random people online for advice on how do to the worm I hired you to do, I’d fire you so fast, you wouldn’t even know you had a project to begin with.

May 16, 18 3:33 pm
I think NOT knowing how to file, especially for small projects is a dis service to clients.
May 17, 18 8:30 am
I think NOT knowing how to file, especially for small projects is a dis service to clients.
May 17, 18 8:44 am

I generally have a different PW1 for each engineer of record. 

The profession of expediting will end within the next decade or so. Kudos to bennyc for jumping in early and doing this yourself. We do that sometimes. In the end, expediters require too much hand holding and make too many clerical errors to justify their little expense. It can be more cost effective to just do it yourself, especially when you have to continuously tell them what to do to begin with. 

May 17, 18 9:35 am

I went to file today, it was pretty straight forward, got a few pointers from a few filing reps waiting on line. Saved myself $1,500

I filed two PW1's, one for my architectural, one for the engineering drawings.

May 29, 18 2:32 pm

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