How to guide people through a building


Hello everyone, I am a game design student, currently working with VR. The reason I am posting this thread is because I would like to learn a bit of designing spaces.

I do a lot of 3D modeling and I am currently making buildings in VR. Since I am not doing technical designs I am purely driven by what (to my eyes) looks good. I don't have any of the constraints that an architect has since my building only exist digitally. 

However, what I have seen lately in VR is usually very big spaces that don't seem to have an structure, they are like huge warehouses that contain things inside. I would like to make these spaces more appealing by making them more believable.

I have several questions that arise often:

- How can I create some structure in this huge space?

- How can I guide the player attention through the area?

- How can I create a layout that that makes easy for the player to have a "mental map" of the space?

- How can I prevent the space from being overwhelming or confusing?

I do not know If I am formulating the questions correctly but if anyone can understand what I mean and point me to some books or material that can help me build some knowledge I would be very grateful.


May 16, 18 10:22 am
( o Y o )

Seems to me that in a game format you actually want a lot of the things you say you don't want.

I'd rather ride a ship in a typhoon than put on a VR headset.

May 16, 18 11:05 am

Username checks out


Maybe study some well designed and functioning larger buildings and spaces such as Schiphol Airport, large convention centers such as Messe Basel, or parking garages such as designed by ZJA.

May 16, 18 1:05 pm

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