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I have been licensed for a few years, but have never signed and sealed anything, until now. I held off on doing side work (signing and sealing) because I couldn't afford the liability insurance. I have had a very nice project handed to me that I would like to work on. Does anyone have any suggestions on which insurance is best and what type of coverage I should get? 

Thank you!

May 15, 18 4:36 pm

You should carry professional liability insurance, business liability insurance, and workers compensation.

Our professional liability carrier is XL Catlin and we use a local independent agent.  Whatever you do, get quotes from more than one agent and from multiple carriers.  Prices for policies can vary quite a bit.

May 15, 18 5:39 pm

thank you!

May 16, 18 6:14 am


very affordable

May 16, 18 10:23 am

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