Cross section Roosevelt Avenue


Hi everybody!

I need the cross section of Roosevelt Avenue - where the Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights Station is - with the right mesuraments even of the structure above it. The important part is the height of the structure. 

Someone can help me out? Many thanks

May 15, 18 10:15 am

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Non Sequitur

Go out with a tape and sketch it out using educated guesses?

Why would you expect someone to just have the exact drawing you need for your homework?


May 15, 18 10:34 am

Typically this type of critical infrastructure drawings are not made available to the public. Also if you do go out and measure things call ahead to the local alderman or police precinct so you don't get arrested.

Non Sequitur

I've certainly gotten my share of questions from doing site surveys while in grad school... and was ejected once.

"Look out! He's got a tape!"

Used to be you could whip out a tape measure anywhere. How times have changed. Alas.


@Non Sequitur before insulting someone would have been much polite asking me where I freaking live! Are you here to help people or to improve your self esteem?


I'm not based in New York City or nearby. Otherwise I would have gone measure it myself

Non Sequitur

Hilarity! Look, it's not an insult to point out the obvious. If this site is that important, go to it or find another within your travel range. If it's not the cancer curing holy grail, take a creative approach and represent what is important in a schematic way. Lack of structural accuracy should not hold back the case study.


Listen If I ask for it that means that I would like to get it. Isn't this a forum to help people? So instead of being such a moralist on what I should do, what is better and instead of caling lazy people u don't know nothing about, if u wanna help good otherwise just don't reply at all it would be better for anyone thank u very much

Non Sequitur

I'll do as I please. Kids these days, amiright?


I am actually 28. Grown ups who at their time didn't have the internet as additional help and think kids abuse it nowadays, amiright?

Non Sequitur

I had internet "in my day" but I did not resort to begging strangers to do my work for me.


Excuse me where did you read the word begging? Trust me u got big issues with urself - or maybe anger as I could see u enjoy argue with people here. Get a life

Non Sequitur

Certainly looks like begging and no issues here with me as I’ve got a rather good gig going on. Are you sure you’re cut out for this profession? It gets much harder than this basic research project.


Yeeeeaaaah I'm sure u do Mr. Know-it-all. Say whatever u want I am not minimally touched by someone like u. Ps: I still suggest u to talk about ur issues, it will help u. Bye

Non Sequitur

even with skills like yours, I don't think you're qualified to make that assessment.

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If I recall correctly, the building .shp files from New York are three-dimensional. With a some gis know how, a little sleuthing, and some work using this photograph you could likely construction something believable if not accurate.

May 15, 18 1:53 pm
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Doesnt google earth output this now?
Alternatively, use the Elk plugin for grasshopper.

May 15, 18 3:07 pm

Holy freakin' f*ck, that Elk plugin is amazing, thanks.

It's too bad those 3d scanners don't work so well outdoors. One can approximate from photos if one knows the size of one of the larger objects in said photo. (close enough for jazz band)

May 15, 18 3:19 pm

What do actually you need this info for, if I may ask.

May 15, 18 3:26 pm

I'm doing my thesis (architecture - postgrads) on public transport and mobility in peripheral districts of NYC, taking this station as case study to improve the access to the main interchanging stations so the modal split would change since more than 50% use cars to go to work. I need the accurate section because it is easier to represent my ideas with cross section, actually is much clearer to read and understand. The station has different level which are not clearly readable from google earth and from someone who has never been there!


Why would you even do a thesis about a place you've never been? You'll never be able to fully grasp or understand it from staring at a monitor, really. You've set yourself a massive task, isn't the same topic as relevant when studied closer to home, where you can actually go and understand the site? It's not like this is a unique situation that occurs only at Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Hghts Station. Anyway, good luck!


I know u absolutely right. They took us there at the begining of a exam but I did not get the exact mesurament of the various level of the station (cos back then I did not need it). So I have been there but not with the eyes I need now. It's complicated I know but I've passed 2 years working on close home's site I'm kinda fed up lol a bit challenging I know you right but after passing the exam I wanted to do something different on a topic very important now a days but very often taken lightly. 

May 17, 18 5:02 am
Getting sassy because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and can’t find a creative work around to meet your end goal, much less ask for help in a remotely humble or polite manner, won’t get you far here nor in a career.
May 18, 18 2:28 am

it is not the point. I ask for help in a forum where I though people help each other. It doesn't metter if I was helped or not, asking is legitimate and replying is courtesy. If someone is able to help thats great but throwing life sentences at people u don't know at all is just rude and nobody's concern what I do and why I need it. Before asking here, I managed to get a drawing of what I needed but I wanted to know if there was an official drawing or something like that to know if my estimates were right or not and if I was missing something. That's it. So I think the issues here are not behind my request or anybody's request for that matter, but behind the way some people here "help" strangers they don't know a thing about.

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You can interpolate from photos or do as I did for my thesis project for a similar condition for the EL train stations in West Philadelphia. I actuallly contacted the transit agency and they sent me historic drawings of the original station designs.

Good Luck on your quest

May 22, 18 8:43 pm

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