Maya vs Blender for Architectural Design

Hello Architect people ... 

Just wondering whats your opinion on those two 3D Modeling software for Architecture.... i had read some great stuff from Blender enthusiastic, however its commonly seen that progressive architecture design studios are using Maya ... 

Any opinions on what software to learn ?


May 6, 18 1:18 am

It's 2018. Nobody really cares. 

I'm so sick of this question. Really. Nobody cares. Just make it look good. 

So fucking sick of this question.

May 6, 18 2:22 am

Thanks for comment !


"progressive architecture design studios"

Such as? Asking for a friend...

May 6, 18 6:01 am

I was referring to ZHA, i also know its teach in Sci Arc


Had to check the date on this to make sure it wasn’t from 1998.

May 6, 18 7:49 am

Did the same thing :)

Sorry about confusing you guys, i am very new to those softwares, Regards

Ask Ricky B., our resident software expert.

May 6, 18 9:31 am

Learn to sketch and write/ speak eloquently and clearly if you want to be an architect (and learn how to assemble buildings!). Learn software packages if you want to help architects get their work done. 

May 6, 18 10:36 am

Thanks, Archanonymous (nice nick name)

Well you certainly aren’t going to be putting together a drawing set in either of those neither. If you want to make ‘cool’ blobs for art class sure. You want to get something built you’re going to need to make a set of construction documents, thus find a way to get the ‘blob’/design into said set.
May 6, 18 2:01 pm

Thanks, you are totally right, i have experienced the necessity to produce construction documents + details, that are not nearly solved on 3d volumetric modeling


Where have you been the last 5 months or so ;)


Rhino. You can do blobby shit, orthagonal shit, and everything in between

Oct 16, 18 10:35 pm

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