IBC 2015 - Bed Count vs Area per Occupant


I don't work with IBC very often. In previous versions I seem to remember a section that R-2 occupancy buildings should have their plumbing counts calculated based on the allowable area per person (200 gross), or the # of beds, whichever is greater. 

Now I am pouring through the code and can't find this anywhere - did it go away? Was it just a figment of my imagination? (or perhaps a fragment from another code?)

I can't imagine in a SRO building that you could have like 3 toilets when there are 40+ beds, but what do I know?

Apr 26, 18 4:46 pm

Chapter 29 table 2902.1

Apr 26, 18 7:10 pm

Yep, found that. Was wondering more about establishing the occupancy count. If R-2 is 200 gsf/ person but you have a 200sf dorm room that's a double or triple or a 125sf SRO, your counts would be off (in terms of functionality) but still meet code, no?

Apr 26, 18 8:10 pm

You aren't going to have greater occ counts than egress unless of course you do (there's a section for it.) So OCC load =x then figure your fixtures on that. 

Apr 26, 18 10:46 pm

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