Indigo vs VRay


Probably going to have to drop some $$ for one of these rendering engines, and am wondering which is better. Downloaded the VRay trial and it expired before I could figure the program out. Indigo seems to do a nice job, but I've heard VRay is the industry standard. What do forum members think?

Apr 4, 18 2:14 pm
Non Sequitur

Never heard of Indigo and have been using Vray for 10 years now.  I think what is more important is that what you pick is most familiar with the youngest (and cheapest) of your staff since they will be the one using the software.

Apr 4, 18 2:27 pm

I know most people using vray, I know of no one using indigo professionally. I know a few using corona render, with numbers increasing.

A few people with good gpu setups use octane, but not as flexible as vray.

Apr 4, 18 8:34 pm

Never heard of Indigo.  VRay is the industry standard.  If you want ease of use, go for Corona or Fstorm (GPU based). Octane would be my last option. 

Apr 4, 18 10:08 pm

Blender and Cycles (open source).

Apr 5, 18 12:41 pm

Indigo is really quite simple yet quite powerful, with a GPU it's quite unbeatable. Sadly people use one software and stick with it no matter what. that's why this precious gem gets so little attention. 

Mar 24, 19 10:54 am
Lewis Garrison


Mar 25, 19 11:01 am

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