Project management

Any architects here that have done project management in combination with B.arch ( I’m done with it) Is it a good combo with architecture? And would you recommend a certification in project management? Pour in your experiences or ideas!! What’s a good certification to do before your masters to help you get a decent job ( I didn’t do my b.arch in the US).
Mar 13, 18 5:29 pm

Closing up my second decade in this industry, and project managment is 99% of what I do.  I've spent a ton of time trying to teach myself best practices, watching & quizzing others about theirs, beating myself up over stuff and trying new things to improve, etc.  Definitely wish I'd taken some basic project management classes somewhere along the way!  Go for it, I'd say.

Mar 13, 18 6:34 pm
Mar 14, 18 2:35 pm

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