borrow legal language from AIA contract?


Can we borrow some (not all) legal language from AIA contract and use it in our own contract? I am wondering....

Mar 12, 18 10:51 pm
( o Y o )

Are you going to give it back when you are done?

Mar 12, 18 11:53 pm

A client recently asked me if he can borrow painting supplies... 

Mar 13, 18 12:54 am

A large part of our contracts are modified AIAs... there's even a section to call out where modifications are.  Usually it's the client pushing back and coming with their own contract that makes us have to modify them.

Mar 13, 18 5:55 am

No, you should not lift language verbatim from AIA contracts and place them into your own documents. The AIA has copyrights at the bottom of their documents, so they could come after you for copyright infringement.

The AIA would prefer you buy a copy of their contract and then modify it; usually done by adding supplemental conditions pages.

Mar 13, 18 11:51 am

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