Who would you recommend for top of the line doors/windows for a multi-million dollar home?


If you were working on a multi-million dollar custom home and the owner wanted top of the line custom doors/windows with over sized openings which company(s) would you recommend and why? 

Mar 12, 18 11:57 am


Mar 12, 18 11:59 am

I haven't heard of them. Not as familiar with the European companies as I am with the American ones. I also have heard Heroal out of Germany is known for high end doors/windows.


Permasteelisa is the best and has engineering centres in the US.

Mar 12, 18 1:29 pm

yeah, but where are the windows? I can't find any info about their products on that website.


Is the design modern or traditional?

The really high end makers may not always have a lot of info on the web because everything they do is custom.....

Mar 12, 18 2:07 pm



Brombal, Riley, Vitrocsa 

Currently working on a 5 million, 8 million, and 11 million dollar townhouse...

Mar 12, 18 2:07 pm

"Multi-million" is not high end.

High end is full custom, Zeluck and others.

Mar 12, 18 2:16 pm



not sure they're quite in zeluck territory, but quantum windows in everett, wa

Mar 12, 18 7:33 pm

Yeah, I'm commercial now, but all our residential windows were customs by local people.  The boss really pushed triple pane as well, to raise the R value of those huge swaths of windows.  

Mar 12, 18 7:36 pm
Kolbe Windows & Doors

At Kolbe, we supply windows for high-end, luxury homes. They are built-to-order, with a vast array of options. We also have a great deal of experience developing custom products. Feel free to take a look and contact us with questions.

Mar 13, 18 6:56 pm
Wood Guy

This company makes some of the nicest custom windows anywhere:

These are great too, if you like European-style windows:

For regular, American-style windows I like Loewen.

Mar 13, 18 9:54 pm

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