What to see in CHICAGO?

Please recommend some famous architectural buildings, tours, museums to see in Chicago. Thanks!!
Feb 17, 18 2:38 pm
Non Sequitur
Jimmy buffet’s margaritaville on the pier.
Feb 17, 18 3:45 pm
wurdan freo

See the above then the robie house then drive out to the shedd aquarium and photograph the skyline then drive lakeshore up to wilmette and check out the Bahá'í House of Worship. Drive will take you past everything. Then take the architectural boat tour and see the amazing goldberg projects on the river... then eat some pizza.

Feb 17, 18 4:09 pm
All the mies and Frank Lloyd Wright projects

And the Richard Meier museum in millennium park
Feb 17, 18 8:51 pm

Gehry did the band shell and Piano did the Art Institute addition, what museum did Meier do?


 McCormick Campus Center 

Feb 18, 18 5:59 am

Illinois Institute of Technology... Mies everywhere and Rem Koolhaus' McCormick Tribune Campus Center.

The Loop... Reliance Building, Schlesinger and Meyer, Monadnock, Rookery, Mies Post Office and Federal Building, Inland Steel, Sears Tower, etc...

FLW Unity Temple and Robie House. SC Johnson in Racine is only 80 miles away.

Feb 19, 18 11:29 am

the Art Institute is good, it is open late Thursdays, take a Chicago Architecture foundation Tour, Boat, EL, or walking(don't do the walking tour on Sundays). You can visit the Lobby of the Rookery, the Palmer House Hotel, the hotel intercontinental 13+ floors with a different architectural theme on each floor, Driehaus Museum, Spertus Museum, the fine Arts Building (take one of the oldest working elevators in the nation). The Pritzker museum and pavilion, The Chicago Cultural Center (free) The Poetry Foundation, the Glessner house.


BIG and little's (tacos and is cash only), Hutch, Chicago Diner (Halstead location vegetarian vegan), Big Jones, A Taste of Heaven (cake!!!), Chez Delisay's (Cajun) ,Rogers Park Social (drinks are the best)


The Wormhole Coffee, Dollop (multiple city wide locations)

Skip the pizza and have Doughnuts for your monthly allowance of carbs:

Stan's Doughnuts, Glazed and Infused, Smack Dab, Doughnut Vault.

When in Doubt ask, We are mostly friendly folks here in Chicago.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Feb 19, 18 12:36 pm
Thank you everyone!! Appreciate it!
Feb 19, 18 6:56 pm

Start with the Chicago Architecture Foundation storefront on Michigan Avenue.  It's a great place, plus you'll get more ideas for visits than you'll have time for.

Feb 19, 18 9:14 pm

Don't forget to eat some real Polish kielbasa, I like to explore cities based on their food culture.

Feb 20, 18 3:23 am

Exploring this city based on food culture = 10 lbs gained over vacation.


Pizza @ Gino's East!

Pizza @ Uno's is my choice, best to go with the original.

Sam Apoc

Poetry Foundation is nice, and worth a visit.

Feb 20, 18 5:13 pm

Seems like we need a Chicago Archinect meetup!

Oh, also, don't forget to get a shot and a pint at Rossi's.

Feb 20, 18 9:59 pm

*Bump for the chicago architecture meetup!

University of Chicago for Brutalism and more modern glass works:

Personal Favorite Chicago building: 
Eero Saarinen's Library at the UC Law School

Todd WIlliams Billie Tsien's Logan Center is a phenomenological labyrinth of spaces. Highly recommended.

Helmut Jahn's glass dome library

If you make your way up north to the gold coast, I'd highly recommend a visit to the Graham Foundation for a large library and bookshop with contemporary architectural theory books. They've published everything from Koolhaas' Delirious NY to Venturi and Scott Brown's Learning from Las Vegas. The library is one of the nicest places to read Architecture books in the city.

Feb 26, 18 2:39 pm
Right Peter it was Piano not Meier. Got my white box museum architects amix
Feb 26, 18 3:06 pm

I'm going to use this thread to frame another question.

What are some good Architecture firms to apply to in Chi? There's obviously SOM, AS+GG, Krueck + Sexton, Studio Gang...but what about the underground?

Feb 28, 18 7:42 pm

What sort of work do you want to do? We have retail firms, high profile starchitects, firms that do ordinary work but treat their employees well, there are firms that do only interiors. We have lots to chose from. AIA Chicago is the better job board if you are looking. Also do you want to be only in the city or in the suburbs.

I have heard good things about:

Wight & Co, Space Arch + Planners, Landon Bone Baker, Ross Barney Arch, Studio 222

Over and OUT

Peter N

Mar 1, 18 10:52 am

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