Part time or hourly


anyone working part time or hourly as an employee?  Id like to cut back and don't know if many offices offer this

Feb 15, 18 11:03 pm

Corporate offices do this a lot with very senior staff because they are very expensive people to keep on board, but their experience is still needed, so they might get cut to 3 or 4 days a week.  But you never know unless you ask.

Feb 18, 18 10:06 am

I work part-time but I don't know of anybody else who does. I work as an independent contractor and as a self-employed doing joint ventures.

Feb 18, 18 11:14 am

If you go part time  be sure to be on an hourly compensation.  Otherwise, you'll end up with a full time job burden with a part time size paycheck.

Feb 18, 18 1:28 pm

​^probably the main reason part-time work isn't very common is because it is usually hourly. :)


Yup, it's easier to dump an unreasonable workload on somebody when they are on a flat salary.  You can claim the worker is just inefficient if they can't get it all done and have to work 80 hours a week for a paycheck that a truck driver would turn his nose up at.

It's also a clue as to why clients want a fixed fee for architect's services, including the design phase, so they can waste your time with impunity.


And then we wonder why the profession can't retain talent. Cause talent knows better.


I do a fulltime job in a parttime week for a fulltime salary.

Feb 19, 18 3:59 am

I've seen people go half-time or hourly for family reasons.  It can be hard on a project team, but if it's well managed can work.  The other scenario I've seen is where senior staff or retired staff stay on for a set number of hours to review work or help with specs.

Feb 21, 18 1:49 pm

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